Aidan: How I Fell in Love with Piercings and Became a Piercer

Aidan Jones
24th August 2020

The reasons why, when and what each person decides to get pierced are as varied as the people that get pierced. However, these reasons all come down to a common motivation. To adorn our bodies with physical, tangible reminders of human growth & change.

My urge to decorate my own body started from a rather young age. For as long as I can remember I’ve had a keen interest in wearing  jewellery and was very curious as to how people could change the colour of their hair. At the age of 8 I was the first boy in my class with my ear pierced and blonde streaks in my hair; utterly scandalous at the very Catholic primary school I attended at the time. A few years later at the age of 11 I caused further uproar, getting my first helix piercing in the very same ear!

It wasn’t until my early-to-mid 20s that I really began collecting a few piercings. Initially, not knowing any better I got a few not very good piercings at some well known, not very reputable places. Little did I know these problematic piercings paved the path I now walk today! Unsatisfied with the advice I’d received when returning to my piercer, I sought out further opinions and began to learn as much as I could myself along the way. This was how I began to learn more about the various standards of quality in piercing practice and especially jewellery available on the market to customers.

It wasn’t until a fateful consultation for a more specialised piercing related procedure that things took a real turn for me. My whole studio experience was extremely positive, more friendly and welcoming than anywhere I’d been previously. I was absolutely flawed by the depth of knowledge, attention to detail and dedication towards best practice demonstrated during my consultation. I was hooked! During my visit I learned that the studio was also offering piercing courses. Determined in my quest for knowledge, I signed up within the week and have not looked back since!  My career so far has taken me so many places and come around full circle. Cherrycore is where I started and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be! 

Adopting body piercing as my profession and as a lifestyle was simply a natural progression towards facilitating more of my own personal growth. Working in this industry challenges me unlike any I’ve worked in. It provides me the freedom, inspiration and drive to become my best version of myself. How I choose to decorate my body is a reflection and a celebration of that process. I’ve learned so much about myself through piercing and it’s brought so much positive value to my life. Piercing for me, is the ritual in which I get to share with others all that I have gained and indulge in my passion for beautiful, quality body jewellery. So for all of you who share my passion, I can’t wait to meet you all and let’s live deliciously!