Cherrycore Values

Cherry Sutherland
6th September 2020

Part of what I think makes our range so special to me is that I have not only hand-selected each piece, but I have selected and created the colour placements of which you see with our gems, opals, beads and diamonds.

I spend hours on each order with paper, pens and pencils drawing and styling our lines based off how I feel, what's inspiring me, and what I think will bring joy to others.

When I receive our orders, without fail I am always delighted to see my drawings come to life! And when a piece finds a new home, it is a full circle event, I have succeed in making somebody sparkle a little brighter and their new jewellery has bought them joy.

I have always wanted to bring more individuality to my work. I have always had strong beliefs on freedom of expression of oneself through body art.

As piercings become more popularised, I feel it so much stronger now than ever before.

It's an overwhelming feeling that we are all connected by our love of shiny things that help us be our most radiant selves. It's fantastic.

I believe that your jewellery should move you, inspire you and reflect not only who you are but who you want to be. If your jewellery doesn't make you smile anymore, well it's time for new jewellery.

Piercings become part of you and your identity. It says something about who you are and while it does not define you, it has the ability to bring confidence and freedom or new love to an area of your body.

For some it's fashion (and I don’t say that in any state of undermining the importance of fashion. Fashion is a freedom of its own. It's art and presentation of who we are at that point in time), for others it's a spiritual connection to their bodies and/or the Earth.

At our core, Cherrycore believes in personalised styling and correct anatomy placement for each person.

We so often hear people refer to earlobe piercings as just a “basic lobe piercing”, but it's just not the case. It's your lobe piercing, and your lobe is uniquely yours to style.

That “boring” lobe piercing has the potential to make or brake your outfit on a weekend. That lobe piercing - if pierced incorrectly - will make your face look crooked when one earring is sitting noticeably lower that the other. That “simple" lobe piercing is a nightmare for some that had them done when their lobes were well and truly underdeveloped for piercings.

Which definitely leads me in to my interests in repairing badly placed piercings and retired piercings.

Sometimes starting again is just the best option.

We originally never carried multiples unless it was intended for earlobes, but with time and demand for pieces this has started to change, and now with COVID closures, I’m breathing, creating and seeing that the direction of more is pulling me away from my values, and I don’t like it. It smothers creativity and while we will carry multiples in our foundation range, I really feel like it is important for us to step away from this commercial road and while we have not hit a generic point, I know that road leads to Generic Town.

Our industry is so consumed with this competitive nature of "who has more”, and it is this toxicity that fails our clients. I’m sure for some, you may not be happy when an item is discontinued, but I think that it's more important to think of it like “it just wasn’t right for you,” there will be something that speaks to you even more so.

What this means, is that you will still receive personalised styling services. You will still receive the world's most prestigious jewellery and of course, we will still custom create and order. We just will not continue to restock some items and we will not be carrying multiples of items that I style or design.

Furthermore, I feel that it is time that I pass down the batten, so to speak. For years, I have enjoyed the process of designing and styling jewellery greatly, but now my beloved piercers want a chance to offer this in store, too. As they are the ones piercing more than I am, I feel that it is time that they get the chance to offer their artistic creations and experience that same level of satisfaction and love for installing a piece that you created into a piercing; be it newly pierced or healed. The excitement that Aidan gets just displaying our new lines assures me that it is time for more creativity and more opportunity. I know that he will poor his heart and soul, just as I do, and I know that Jemma will bring a completely different element to the design board than Aidan, allowing Cherrycore to now house collections not just by me, but by my Cherrycore family that I am so proud and honoured to be a part of.

You already have your favourites with us, whether you are requesting Matthew, Aidan, Jemma or myself; you trust us. You know our styles and our personalities, and now you will see a new level of love in our jewellery.

We will also be stepping away from displaying brand names in our displays and online. 

For now we will keep them listed should you wish to search by brand, however in my years of operating one of the very few best practice, luxury jewellery companies in Australia, I have found that there are always products within brands that I do not agree with, or that do not meet my standards. It is not fair to say that their range is bad, or that their range is the best. It's simply that I put my reputation in my jewellery, and I will always offer what I can stand by and put my name on.

Our range will be simply “CHERRYCORE, rather than the manufacturing company's name. After all, it is us who you trust with your wellbeing and if you are a long time client, it was mostly us that introduced you to these brands.

For some time we have thought that pushing the manufacturing companies was a great idea, considering that there are so many subpar manufacturers, but now some of those low quality companies are marketing themselves extremely well and pushing junk, which just makes it confusing for consumers that now they think that if a jewellery stand has a name on it, it makes it worthy as its no longer “home brand”, when this is not the case.

We are more regularly seeing clients getting confused with brand names too, assuming what they are buying elsewhere is the same and when it goes green, they are confused and reach out to ask us for help when it's simply a case of buying knock off, costume jewellery.

We all believe that it is with the clients' best interests that we stop the confusion of brands. It's not them that you trust anyway, it's us.

You trust us to read and understand mill certificates. You trust us to go above and beyond to deliver best practice standards for you. You trust us to guide you with your selection and to determine not only sizing, but styles appropriate for your anatomy and it is us that you will see no change in quality from with the removal of manufacturing brands as we are still putting our reputation on the same products that we style and design.

Our loyalty lies with our clients. If we can acquire a better product, we will.

We are wanting to venture in to a new platform of delivering information to our beloved clients and friends. We are wanting to be able to show you part of our selection process and how you too can select best the products for yourself by having a greater understanding of the mechanics and qualities.

At the end of the day, our mission is the same; to only deliver the worlds' my prestigious and safest implant grade body jewellery materials. This aligns with our core values of offering the safest settings for self expression in the form of body piercing art.

I will leave you now with a throw back to 2010, the year that Cherrycore was born and the name was given to my style. I was not normal, I was not goth, I was not punk, I was not hardcore but I was told that I was Cherrycore.

“Cherrycore; not just a fashion but a life style. Be yourself, express yourself.”

In love there is light <3 

Be safe.