Coin Slot Piercings

General Info

A "Coin Slot" is simply an extended piercing hole, where common piercing sizes range between 18g (1mm) to 12g (2mm). A coin slot is normally a 12g width minimum by 6g (4mm) minimum long.

This allows all the wonderful stacking of rings to happen.

Coin slot piercings can be super cute and dainty, or they can be loud and proudly bold. This really comes down to personal style and preference on both the size and shape of the slot, and the jewellery that is fitted after the healing process.


Due to the current restrictions across Victoria, all consultations will be conducted over the phone. We will contact you after submitting your Pre Consultation Enquiry Form to organise a suitable time for your consultation.

The consultation begins by having an opportunity to discuss your ideas, concerns & expectations about the procedure along with allowing time for any relevant questions that you may have.

In your consultation, we will

  • Go over your medical history to evaluate your suitability for our procedure.
  • We will examine your ears to assess the tissue
  • Discuss your options & take your preferences into account when deciding on the most appropriate treatment for you


  • No children are to attend consultation appointments.
  • No food or drinks are to be brought or consumed in the studio (water accepted)
  • If you are, or have been sick in the few days leading up to your consultation, please call us to reschedule your booking. For the safety of both clients and staff, we do not offer services to those unwell. Attending sick or bringing a companion that is sick may result in the refusal of future services. We take the health of our team and clients very seriously and ask that you do as well. Your deposit will be carried forward for this, provided 12 hours notice is given, or a medical certificate is provided.
  • Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment to complete medical forms.
  • If you find yourself running late to your appointment, please notify the Studio to avoid missing your appointment, or to see if we can push it back for you. Our system automatically cancels late arrivals of more than 5 minutes. This means a new booking may be required with a new booking payment.
  • If you are running 5 minutes late, we must be notified via phone call. No other communication resource will be accepted.
  • We do not accept short notice cancellations within 12 hours of appointments for the transfer of deposits. Each client has the ability to transfer their deposit a maximum of 2 times when rebooking with notice.
Coin Slot Pre-Consultation Enquiry


- How long until I can wear rings?
This will depend on each person individually, but normally sometime between 4 weeks and 12 weeks is safe.

- Can I have this in a lobe?
Yes you can, however heavy jewellery is not usable as it will stretch the slot into a different shape, so we only recommend small, lightweight rings in smaller slot sizes.

- What jewellery can I have?
Anything you want that is a ring of implantable grade. We will help style your ear with you. 

- How long does healing take?
The first stage of healing is 2 weeks. Then, the next phase is 12 weeks and the last stage will be at 12 months. This is near the same for all cartilage piercings. 

- Is it painful?
No more than a normal cartilage piercing procedure.

- Can I take pain killers?
If you feel that you really need to, then yes, but all anti-inflammatories must be avoided. Most clients do not need pain relief, but paracetamol is fine to take if necessary.

- Can I have the consultation and procedure on the same day?
No. This does not allow proper assessment and planning for your procedure.

- Can I bring a friend?
Unfortunately it is not hygienic or safe to have friends or family in the procedure room while having the procedure.

- How long are the sutures in for?
Sutures remain in place for 7-8 days. They are then removed in the Studio.

- Can I wash my hair?
Yes, wait a minimum period of 24 hours after the procedure.

- Can I colour my hair?
Ideally not for at least 4 weeks after the procedure.

- Can I drive after the procedure?
Yes, you will be fine to drive.

- I'm from interstate, do I still need a consultation?
Yes. You will need to have a consultation via phone and then an in store consultation the day before the procedure.

- How much does it cost?
Pricing for coin slot piercings will depend on the size of the "slot" that you're after, as well as a few other factors. This is determined after your consultation.
Coin Slot Procedure prices start from $700.00.

Interstate Clients

We often have clients travel from interstate to have our services performed, and while this is incredible that we're able to share our work with such a broad spectrum of people, there are a few things to consider if you are travelling a fair way to have work done with us.

  • There will be a pre consultation done over the phone prior to booking any procedure dates
  • There will be an in studio consultation held on the day before the procedure
  • You must stay in Melbourne for at least 10days after the procedure to allow for suture removal and a further check-up prior to leaving via air.
  • You cannot travel via air with sutures in your ears or directly after their removal for your safety and comfort.

How To Prepare For The Procedure

In the days leading up before having the procedure, eating well and being well rested is important. Any person attending an appointment that is visibly unwell will be refused service.

  • No caffeine or blood thinning medications should be consumed within 2 days prior (ideally 7 days prior) and 6 days after to prevent extra bleeding or prolonged healing, unless medications are prescribed by a doctor and we have been made aware.
  • For best healing results, smoking should be completely refrained from for two weeks prior and two weeks after the procedure. Smoking can induce extra scar tissue development and other health complications.
  • If you sleep on the side of the piercing, a travel pillow will be needed to prevent lying on the ears. Picking up a travel pillow from Kmart or Coles should be done prior. Sleeping on the earlobes can rupture the sutures and deform the results.
  • If you are on any medications that may affect healing, we must be made aware of this prior.
  • If you have any known allergies, we must be made aware of this prior to treatment.
  • All physical exercise should be kept to a minimum for at least 1-2 weeks after sutures are removed. If this is not done or not possible, the end result may be compromised and extra scar tissue may develop.
  • It is important to stay as healthy as possible and rest up well. Eat lots of good foods and drink plenty of water for at least the first two weeks.
  • Avoid any unnecessary drugs consumption and all alcohol for 4 weeks after the procedure to prevent damage to the wound site.
  • The scar may take 6-12 months to settle.