COVID-19 Studio Protocol

Updated October 30th 2020

Have you ever been to Chadstone and seen the lines out side for the luxury designer stores? Of course you have! Well now you get that experience with us!

When you arrive, you will notice arrows on the ground along the window edge. These are a guide for social distancing and lining up outside to be checked in.

If you see us inside with others, please just jump in line, and we won't be long to greet you.

At this point in time we will be keeping our door locked to limit and control entry. Please do not stand in front of the door, as this prevents us from not only letting others out, but also prevents us from letting you in.
While we are aiming to have extra hands at the door on our busier days, we are unable to do this every day. This means if the door is unattended, and if you are comfortable and confident enough, you can start the check in process yourself.
If you are attending on a day that we have an assistant at the door, when you arrive you will be greeted and asked to sign in as per Government requirements.
We have made this as simple as opening your phone camera and holding it in front of the QR Code. But don’t worry, if you're not sure, we are here to help you! Just hold on an extra minute and we will be right there.
Once your phone picks up the code, it will take you to our basic "Contact Tracing" form on our website, where you will be able to comfortably fill in your required basic details from your own device.
To make it even easier, if you are having a procedure, the Consent Form is right there too. Simply scroll on down.
But like we said, don’t stress. We will guide you if you get stuck.
We know that changing things up can be intimidating, confusing, annoying; the list goes on.
We know because we have had to create these changes, make this code and now we have to learn how to make this as smooth as possible for you to have the best experience possible.
We have given this great thought, and while we think we might have worked it all out, we ask that you please be kind with us as hiccups are going to happen.
We are human too, and sometimes, one client might need a little longer than another for many reasons. But our rule is never to play catch up by cutting services short. You and they will always have our full attention.
The downside, is that there are situations where even with an appointment, you may be kept waiting. But on the bright side, this will never be as long as going to your regular GP that keeps you waiting an hour, or longer!

While You Wait
While you are in line, please be respectful of others. Refrain from language best kept away from your imaginary 2 year old nephew's ears, and avoid conversation topics you wouldn't have in front of your incredibly strict imaginary Nan.
Smoking is not permitted with in 4 meters of our building entry, and we ask that after smoking you wait 5 minutes before entering the Studio at all times. While waiting, if you are seen smoking, you will be asked to put it out or leave.

Before You Enter
Before entering the store, you will be required to use hand sanitiser, located on the door and have a non-invasive temperature check. Should you fail, you will be required to re-book for another day. Should you pass, you will be welcomed in.
Depending on the day and other bookings, you may be shown to a procedure room first, or asked to have a seat in the waiting area. We will be actively doing our best to keep clients apart; be it by bringing items to you privately, or discussing aftercare prior to showing you our show cases.
You will have an assigned procedure room for your appointment that you will be able to leave your belongings in while browsing, to make the environment more spacious without holding jackets and bags, etc. Should at any point you feel too close to another person or uncomfortable with another client not keeping their distance from you, we ask that you simply head back to the procedure room where we will simply follow you to discuss in private and handle the situation discretely. We do not want you to ever feel the need to comment on another clients behaviour, or be put in an uncomfortable situation. 
Sometimes people just do not realise that they are in someone else's personal space, and sometimes they are an escape artist that has left the piercing room while their piercer has gone to get something. Either way, practicing appropriate social distancing is required and we want to make sure you are comfortable.

While in The Studio
Due to current Victorian Government guidelines, we must put in place and maintain a 1.5m social distancing rule between all customers and staff where possible.
Please be mindful not to touch any glass, walls or surfaces, as well as your own piercings while in the Studio.
A face mask must be worn while in the Studio at all times. Read More Here.

Appointments & Walk Ins
While we are not strictly appointment only, we ask that you please book ahead to the best that you can. This can even be calling right before you leave your location to be sure of our time line.

We are aiming to have extra team members on to assist with walk ins, however it is important to note that those with appointments are always our priority. There is no "sneaky fit you in while we have 5 minutes".
5 minutes is not long enough for you to tell us how your day is, let alone give you the full service that we offer as a leading, best-practice studio.

You can book online and even change your appointments via your confirmation email, or give us a call on 03 9752 6239.

Changing Your Appointment, Cancellations, No-Shows and Running Late
- If you need to change your appointment or cancel, please let us know as soon as possible. Ideally with 24 hours notice, but we will even take 30 minutes notice via phone call.
- It must be noted we don’t take kindly to NO SHOWS. It is the biggest insult anyone could give us, and thus we record it on your file.
What does this mean? We may ask you to pay a booking fee, or pay in-advance in the future, or we may not allow you to make appointments at all and only offer “walk in” spots. This will depend on how many times, and the situation.

We understand that sometimes things pop up, but would you not call your best friend to tell them that you're not coming for dinner when you booked a table? No way! You’d have no BFF anymore.
You're our BFF when you book a time with us, don’t leave us waiting for you.

- If you are running late, please notify us via phone immediately. We require all clients to arrive early at the latest to their appointments.
If you even think that you may be late, call us so that we are aware and can do our best to make it work for you to keep your booking. Clients that are not at their appointments on time risk a “walk in” taking their spot, even by being only 5 minutes late, as we have no option but to assume that you are not coming.

Please also keep in mind that we will need to alter the way we offer our services due to restrictions. This requires us to inform you of changes once you arrive and this will take extra time. If you are late, this may present issues with your appointment moving forward also.

Cleanliness and Our Displays
Just as always, we clean before and after each appointment. We have air sanitisers and purifiers and a one way air extraction system working to help with air cleanliness throughout the store, but we ask and stress this more now than ever; please do not touch your piercings or touch surfaces in the store.

Do not touch our displays with your hands or your face, and do not put your hands in them.
You cannot remove items from the displays. If you would like to view an item, we will get it out for you and assist with viewing items safely.
We are your personal connoisseur of all things fabulous and piercing related, let us help you.

If you have any symptom of illness we ask that you do not attend the store, should you attend and show any symptoms, you will be asked to leave the store immediately.

We have always had a strict no sickness policy and we ask that you be respectful of us and others by not attending if unwell.


Bringing a +1 Friend
We know that shopping is fun with your bestie, and we don’t want to stop this! We aren't the fun police, but we do have some extra rules on guests.
If possible, we ask that you attend your appointment alone. We promise that we will look after you! However, should you wish to bring a friend and you are both after either a new piercing, or you both are after a new show stopper for an existing piercing, simply book your appointments one after the other and we will easily see you together. It's super simple!

If you are bringing a friend for support, we also understand that it is nice to have some one there, however this will depend on the studio capacity and following Government regulations. There will be some days of the week better suited for this than others.

Please simply ask us when the best time is that you can bring a support friend and we will organise this to be suitable for your booking.

Bringing a +1 Parent
For all bookings that require an adult to be present, please notify us when booking by either adding a note to your online booking, or mentioning this when booking via phone call. Please also see below for the best suited times for those requiring a guardian.

Bringing a +1 Child
If you are an adult wanting to attend the studio, and find your self with out a sitter, please call to see if this is possible to bring 1 child, or to re book your appointment for either another time to attend alone, or a time suitable for a child to attend too. Multiple children will unfortunately not be allowed due to capacity limits.
With our normal “bums on seats” rule, we require children to be seated at all times when in the studio accompanying an adult. With new social distancing rules, we have removed most seats and only have 1-2 available at maximum. If other appointments are in, we unfortunately will not be able to accommodate a plus 1 that requires a seat, and cannot be left alone.

We will do everything that we can to accommodate your needs, however please be mindful that we are a skin penetration clinic. We offer luxury piercing services,  minor elective cosmetic procedures and tattooing. Our practice is not a suitable environment for children that require monitoring and that are not having the service themselves.

Kids, Teens and Body Piercings
While we juggle new restrictions, we have come up with a plan that we feel is best for youngling's ear piercings.

Should you wish to have two piercers for your child, or book your child for an ear piercing or two, please call us to book our last piercing procedure for the day that you wish to come in on.

*We ask that you do not book appointments for children online.*

We will be offering earlobe piercings with two practitioners at the end of the days only, and offer single practitioner services at these time slots for children too.

These time slots are either for 5:15pm or 5:30pm - 6:15pm or 6:30pm - 7:15pm or 7:30pm depending on day of the week.

This is to allow both parents to attend (should they both wish to be there), allow us to enhance your child's comfort by creating a stable and quiet environment for your child, where we can show them our range without others in the store and without restrictions to space that may otherwise be consumed by other guests.

For teens having piercings (that will have their world fall apart if their BF isn’t there), please follow the suggested times above for kid's ear piercings.
We want your co-dependant teen to have the best experience too, and we understand that sometimes you give birth to one and end up with 2. It's a 2-for-1 deal with teens and their besties most days, so why would a memorable moment like a new piercing be any different? By booking our last appointment, we are able to have 1 friend plus Mum or Dad present, keeping everyone happy!

Before You Leave Your Home
Please make sure that you have your ID for any piercing or tattoo service appointment. All skin penetration services require ID for consent as per Victorian Law, no ID; no procedure.

Our Dress Code
Please make sure you are appropriately dressed when attending the studio. This includes shirt, shoes and mask. Should you not have a mask, one can be provided for you. No shoes, no shirt, no mask; no service.

Our aim is to create a new luxury normal for all to feel fabulous and cared for, while enjoying our state of the art facilities in the safest way possible.

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