Ear Repair FAQs




Prices for our earlobe repair procedures start from:

  • Torn Earlobe (from earrings):
    - From $425 each earlobe
  • Earlobe Reduction (not stretched):
    - From $950 for both earlobes
  • Stretched Earlobe Reversal
    - 2mm - 18mm: Set from $425 per earlobe
    - 18mm +: Set from $575 per earlobe
    - Larger sizes will be quoted after consultation - estimation can be given after an email enquiry with pictures.


Q: Can I have my ears re-pierced?
A: In most cases, this is not an issue.

Q: Will I be in pain?
A: Once the numbing has worn off, it is common to experience some pain for the first day of healing. After the first day, the lobes feel relatively normal and pain free.

Q: Can I take pain killers?
A: If you feel that you really need to, then yes, but all anti-inflammatories must be avoided. Most clients do not need pain relief, but paracetomol is fine to take if necessary.

Q: Can I have the consultation and procedure on the same day?
A: No. This does not allow proper assessment and planning for your procedure.

Q: Can I bring a friend?
A: Unfortunately it is not hygenic or safe to have friends or family in the procedure room while having the procedure.

Q: Can I choose how I want the scars and shape?
A: To an extent. Unfortunately there is not a lot of freedom in reconstruction as one way may be the best way, and we cannot compromise the results. We will hear your concerns and take them into consideration when determining the best results.

Q: How long does the procedure take?
A: Depending on the lobes' requirements, it can take from 45 minutes to 2 hours per earlobe.

Q: How long are the sutures in for?
A: Sutures remain in place for 7-8 days. They are then removed in the Studio.

Q: Can I wash my hair?
A: Yes, wait a minimum period of 24 hours after the procedure.

Q: Can I colour my hair?
A: Ideally not for at least 4 weeks after the procedure.

Q: Can I drive after the procedure?
A: Yes, you will be fine to drive.

Q: I'm from interstate, do I still need a consultation?
A: Yes. You will need to have a consultation via phone and then an in store consultation the day before the procedure.