Earlobe Repair


Interested in Earlobe Reconstruction? We offer a large range of earlobe alterations including; repairing torn lobes, size reduction, reshaping, reversal of stretched lobes and piercing closure, just to name a few!

Stretched Earlobes
Along with more basic repairs and alterations, we specialise in the reconstruction of stretched lobes in all sizes. We understand that there are many reasons why closing stretched ears may be needed and unlike some clinics, there is no judgement here! We specialise in both making lobes bigger and making them smaller. We know the dedication and care that stretching involves and understand that for some, closing their lobes can be an emotional process.

Heavy Jewellery Damage
Wearing heavy earrings often creates unsightly splitting and deep creasing or thinning lines in the earlobe. Prolonged wear of heavy earrings in thin gauges and incorrect support of the jewellery will always enlarge the piercing placement, lowering the position of the earring and increasing risks of a complete tear. It is important to have this corrected sooner rather than later. To correct an enlarged piercing passage is a simple procedure with minimal risks. It will not affect your ability to re-pierce the lobes and will allow you to keep your natural shape. A complete tear from prolonged splitting involves a more complex procedure to reshape the lobe, as the surrounding tissue has been damaged over time too.

Torn Lobes
There are many ways people have an earring tear through; from snagging on a jumper, to a young child grabbing an earring. In any case, it is fixable.
A tear through is often a fast disconnection, the surrounding tissue is still healthy and full, allowing for better healing conditions and a more seamless result. Often people think they should have this fixed right away, however this can result in multiple procedures being needed for a natural shape as the lobe will be swollen from the trauma preventing accurate reconnection of the tissue. In most cases, it's best to wait 2-3 weeks for all inflammation to be gone and the lobe to be healthy once more. In the event of a tear, an infection is possible, seek professional assistance immediately in case there is any concerns or signs of infection.
Your best option is to clear the infection by following your GP's care instructions, this could include a course of antibiotics and healing the lobe with time as well as making healthy lifestyle choices. Normally this will take 1-2 weeks. In a healthy person with healthy lobes, there are no life threatening issues with a snapped lobe, it just isn’t attractive.
If the lobes were to be repaired while an infection is present, there are not only greater risks with an unpleasing aesthetic result, but a high risk of a failed procedure and tissue death.

Aged Ears
As we age our skin loses its elasticity. The earlobes show this by starting to droop, looking enlarged. A correction can give back a more youthful image to the ears and allow piercings to be elevated to a safer position on the ear. This will also aid in reducing the risk of a complete tear through the lobe should they be pre-pierced.

Fake Earrings and Crushed Earlobes
While some people think clip on earrings are a thing of the past, they [like most things in life] have been updated to newer designs with the use of magnets. As a result of long-term use, they create pressure on the lobe, crushing the tissue and restricting blood flow, making the earlobes look abnormal and deformed.

What is the difference between having lobes repaired in hospital vs a clinic?
Our public health system is for our health care, and not for cosmetic procedures. You will not see a specialist that carries out earlobe repairs regularly, if at all.
You cannot pick and choose who you will see, and you have no indication on the quality of their work prior. The doctor that you speak to may not even be the doctor that carries out your procedure. Most commonly clients are placed under general anaesthetic, which is completely unnecessary and comes with a long line of health complications and risks of its own.
It is important to note that it is not their responsibility to give you a cosmetically pleasing result, they are practicing medicine and even though medicine and cosmetic often go hand-in-hand, they are not the same thing.
The doctor that you see may discuss the procedure first, but ultimately their priority is simply to put you together and then you can look in to cosmetic repair at a later date.
A specialists job is 100% cosmetically focused. Their priority is to deliver the best results possible. To do this, they will require you to be healthy prior to your treatment. This means that there may be some minor lifestyle changes to be made in order to be approved for the procedure.
They will discuss in great lengths; what is possible while taking into consideration your desired results. Their job is not to fix an illness, but to deliver aesthetically pleasing results in a safe environment.
The procedure time length is completely different as well. A procedure with a specialist may take 1-2 hours per earlobe, whereas the procedure with someone inexperienced may take 15-30 minutes per lobe. Ultimately, we are talking about the difference between a doctor simply cutting and specialist uniquely sculpting.


For your convenience, all consultations are conducted via phone call.
Simply submit your Pre Consultation Enquiry form below, and one of our helpful team members will be in contact shortly to secure your appointment.

Please make sure to enter your name and contact information correctly so that we can contact you.
If you have not received a response within 3 days, please send us a follow up email as this generally means that the message has either ended up in your Junk, or your email address is listed incorrectly.

The consultation begins by having an opportunity to discuss your ideas, concerns & expectations about the procedure along with allowing time for any relevant questions that you may have.

In your consultation, we will:

    • Go over your medical history to evaluate your suitability for our procedure.
    • Discuss your options and take your preferences into account when deciding on the most appropriate treatment for you.
    • If you require a second consultation due to extended length of time between your consultation (6 - 12 months) and moving forward with the procedure, the second consultation fees are increased to $150.00.

Your appointment
At the time of your Phone Consultation, please have your phone on you and be free from distraction.
Your consultation is estimated to take between 15 - 30 minutes.

Procedure Pre-Consultation Enquiry

Prices for our earlobe repair procedures start from:

  • Torn Earlobe (from earrings):
    - Single lobe: from $575
    - Set (both earlobes): $1,150
  • Earlobe Reduction (not stretched; Cosmetic Only):
    - Set (both earlobes): from $1,200
  • Stretched Earlobe Reversal
    - Single Lobe: $600 - $900
    - Set (both earlobes): $1,150 - $1,400


Q: Can I have my ears re-pierced?
A: In most cases, this is not an issue.

Q: Will I be in pain?
A: Once the numbing has worn off it is common to experience some pain for the first day of healing. After the first day the lobes feel relatively normal and pain free.

Q: Can I take pain killers?
A: If you feel that you really need to, then yes, but all anti-inflammatories must be avoided. Most clients do not need pain relief, but paracetamol is fine to take if necessary.

Q: Can I have the consultation and procedure on the same day?
A: No. This does not allow proper assessment and planning for your procedure.

Q: Can I bring a friend?
A: Unfortunately it is not hygienic or safe to have friends or family in the procedure room while having the procedure.

Q: Can I choose how I want the scars and shape?
A: To an extent. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of freedom in reconstruction as one way may be the best way, and we cannot compromise the results. We will hear your concerns and take them into consideration when determining the best results.

Q: How long does the procedure take?
A: Depending on the lobes requirements, it can take from 45 minutes to 2 hours per earlobe.

Q: How long are the sutures in for?
A: Sutures remain in place for 7-8 days. They are then removed in the studio.

Q: Can I wash my hair?
A: Yes, but wait a minimum period of 24 hours after the procedure.

Q: Can I colour my hair?
A: Ideally not for at least 4 weeks after the procedure.

Q: Can I drive after the procedure?
A: Yes, you will be fine to drive.

We often have clients travel from interstate to have our services performed, and while this is incredible that we're able to share our work with such a broad spectrum of people, there are a few things to consider if you are travelling a fair way to have work done with us.

  • All consultations are via phone call prior to booking any procedure dates.
  • You must stay in Melbourne for at least 15 days to allow for suture removal and check-ups.
  • You cannot travel by air with sutures in your ears.

Getting to Cherrycore

  • Address: 39 Main Street, Upwey, Victoria 3158.
  • Transport: The nearest train station is Upwey Station. It is within a 2 minute walking distance should a public transport option be required.
    Should you wish to drive, you will be perfectly fine and able to drive yourself to and from the Studio. There is ample parking nearby, with 4hr parking found 5 shops up the street from the Studio.

The Day of the Procedure
Please be showered and as clean as possible. No strong deodorants or perfume are to be worn, no smoking, no caffeine, no medications unless notified of prior and approved. Eat a hearty meal within 2 hours of your appointment. Drink water and please feel free to bring snacks and liquid.
Your procedure length will be given during your consultation and is dependent on your needs.
It is important to take your procedure seriously and to make sure to leave your day as stress free as possible, both before and after the procedure with minimal activity.
Your comfort is our priority, and for this reason we have fitted our clinical procedure room with an iPad, and we supply disposable headphones so you can simply relax watching Netflix or YouTube while the procedure is being carried out.

Your Arrival Time

While our clinic will endeavour to minimise your waiting time, it is highly important to be punctual to all appointments.
Please aim to arrive 15 minutes earlier to your procedure time to prevent issues with traffic delays and to fill in client paperwork. If you are worried that you may be late to any of your appointments, a phone call should be made out of courtesy and to confirm that the appointment can still continue.
If you are late, we may be required to rebook your procedure / appointment.
For our rebooking policy, please see the Disclosure Statement at the end of this page.

Personal Information and Privacy
Cherrycore does not share your personal information with any third party persons or organisations for marketing or further use.
Your information will be stored complying with the Victorian health regulations and available to you on request.

If you are taking or start taking any medications (including non prescription, over the counter or herbal alternative medicines, vitamins, pre-workout etc) that are not documented in your consultation form, the Studio must be made aware of this prior to the procedure immediately.
This includes generic pain relief like aspirin and Nurofen.
After the procedure, you will be able to take Panadol and Panadeine if it is safe for you, and only if necessary.
If you have allergies, or have not used paracetamol before, you must consult with your regular GP before using any new medications.

Preparing for your Procedure
Your Responsibilities
You have the responsibility to:

  • Find out about your treatment options.
  • Answer questions about your health frankly and honestly.
  • Follow your treatment and inform the Studio if you are not able to.
  • Keep appointments or notify the Studio if unable to attend.
  • Pay the fees quoted in full on the completion of the procedure.
  • Maintain skin hydration and health.
If you are aware of any particular conditions that may cause undue harm to others or staff, this should be disclosed prior to your procedure or at time of arrival.

This information is general in nature. Make sure that any changes are right for you prior to changing your diet. 
In the lead up to your procedure date, we ask that you make sure that you are eating
a healthy, balanced diet; giving you the all vitamins and minerals that you require for fast healing and to allow the best results possible. It is important to make sure your intake includes foods that contain good amounts of vitamins A, B, C along with iron. These all play a big part in healthy, fast healing. Orange vegetables like carrots, pumpkin, and sweet potato are good sources for vitamin A. Strawberries and capsicum are two of the best forms of vitamin C, and also helps your body absorb iron which helps with energy and blood consistency. Vitamin B is commonly found in asparagus, spinach, broccoli, beets and lentils to name a few. All of these things will help collagen and energy needed for cell repair.
Drink plenty of water and avoid all caffeinated drinks, drugs and alcohol for 2 weeks prior and for ideally at least 4 weeks after your procedure.
If you have not had a blood check with in the last 6-12 months, this is also something to consider having done prior. If you are having blood tests, make sure to check Iron, vitamin D and Vitamin B12. You can also check immune function including thyroid.
It is important to be health at all points of your life and more so when altering the body.

It is highly important to have well rested sleep in the days leading up to your procedure and the following 2 – 8 weeks after your procedure to aid in scar repair and prevent prolonged healing. Should your procedure be located on your ear, you will be required to use a travel pillow while sleeping for the first 4 - 8 weeks to prevent rupturing or damaging your ear while healing. It is best to start this process a few days prior to get used to and comfortable with the pillow. If you do not have a travel pillow or would like to have a look at a few options you will find both beaded and memory foam at Spotlight and a variety of beaded at Kmart. The travel pillow will take the place of your normal pillow and is not used around the neck but on the bed allowing your ear to sit in the hole when laying on your side. If you are a back sleeper a pillow will not be needed.

Skin Health
In the days leading up to your procedure, it is important to make sure that the skin is healthy with no dryness. A basic moisturiser will help to maintain skin health and provide a great head start for cell repair.
After your procedure, when the skin is healed, make sure to apply sunscreen to the area when outdoors, it’s important to be sun smart at all times. It is very important to use UV protection as the scars will burn much more easily than surrounding tissue, which can result in pigmentation issues.

Scar Tissue and Results
While we will do our best to minimise visible scars it is unavoidable to have some visible scars while healing. After healing, the scars will become less and less noticeable. By 12 months, most people find that they can not see where the incisions were made, however if you have an event closer to your procedure date and are concerned that the thin connecting lines may be noticeable, the use of young blood mineral make up can be applied over the top (not all mineral make ups are made the same, we only recommend young blood over the scars with in the first 3 months after 2 weeks).
We have multiple stages of scar repair, the first being the first 2 weeks after the procedure. This is when your closure point will be its most delicate. The second phase of scar repair takes a following 8-10 weeks, hitting a total of 12 weeks. At this point in time, the scar is bonded and more durable with less inflammation and is less active. There are no issues sleeping on the ears/location at this point, and returning to life as if nothing happened.
Scar tissue over growth is associated with the weeks leading up to this, however if you are prone to keloid development, it may start to show at this point and it is important to come in should there be a concern.
Silicone dressings can be used after 4 weeks to help support the healing process should you wish to use them.
You will have multiple check ups to insure your wounds and scars are healing as they should be. These check ups will be both via email and unperson depending on the stage of healing and individual needs. At most unperson check ups after the 12wk mark complementary skin tightening and scar reduction treatments will be offered to improve results.

What to Avoid

  • No caffeine ideally 1-2 week prior and 2 weeks after
  • No smoking 1 week prior and 2 weeks after
  • No drugs or alcohol 2 weeks prior and 4 weeks after
  • No sleeping on the the treated area directly for 4-12 weeks after
  • No pulling or rough contact for at least 8–12 weeks after   No intense exercise for at least 2 weeks after the procedure, walking is fine.
  • Depending on individual health as to what exceptions can be safely made and will be discussed during your consult, if you are unsure on what these are relating to your health since discussing at your consultation, please email us.

Infection Control
The Cherrycore Studio is committed to promoting infection control awareness to both staff and clients. All staff are trained in infection control and carry out regular renewal training.
All clients and visitors are encouraged to use hand sanitiser located at entry, in the waiting area and with supervision in procedure rooms to assist with reducing infection risks.
We also ask that visitors with colds, gastroenteritis or other contagious diseases do not visit the Studio, in order to prevent the spread of these infections.
Should you fall sick prior to your procedure, you must notify the Studio as soon as possible to rebook. No client will be treated while sick or presenting any cold-like symptoms.

The following list is not intended to frighten. All complications are avoidable or treatable and are listed for transparency to help you make an educated opinion on your procedure.
Your procedure will be carried out with a single use sterile procedure kit. However, infection is always possible with any skin trauma, making all risks associated with infection possible. Should you suspect an issue like an infection, the Studio must be notified promptly and medical attention must be sought out immediately.   Common signs of infection are; Bright fire redness to skin tone, Shiny/scaly skin appearance, Abnormal amount of swelling effecting surrounding skin, Radiant heat, An intolerable pain while not touching or touching, feeling unwell (be it nausea or diarrhoea), fever or chills.

All procedure wounds and scars are delicate within the first few weeks, making it incredibly important to be careful both during the day and night not to tug or have any pulling to the location.

As listed, a travel pillow is required to prevent sleeping on the ears should your procedure be located on the ear. Using the provided support garment for the first 8 weeks will increase healing speed, reduce scar tissue formation and is required to help prevent any night time injuries. Should you not use this it is your responsibility to mention so as we maybe able to offer alternatives.

It is the clients’ responsibility to make sure all necessary steps are taken to heal the procedure and prevent injury.
While all risks are low risks, they are still risks and any incidents will not be at Cherrycore’s expense to repair. We understand it would be devastating to have anything happen, but we cannot offer free repairs for those that have accidents or do not follow instructions properly. Just the same, we are not responsible or obligated to offer compensation for mistreatment resulting in the need of medications and medical bills.

It is the client’s responsibility to prevent cross contamination with their home care.
Should there be any confusion on how to clean, this must be addressed prior to the procedure.
Aftercare will be re-covered and demonstrated after the procedure for extra clarity.
Scar tissue development will depend on each individual genetically as well as how they have cared for their wound. Following care instructions will minimise risks of over development in scar tissue.


When booking the procedure, you are agreeing that you have been given the opportunity to ask questions and have received all information that you require.
You are agreeing that this is your decision to have your appearance altered.
You are agreeing that you understand all healing instructions must be followed and any negative outcome due to not following these is at your own responsibility to correct and seek help.
You understand Cherrycore reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for non disclosed reasons.
You understand that should you not comply with the agreement to follow both aftercare and attend all required appointments, your agreement will be terminated and you will forfeit your complementary extra treatments.
Complementary skin treatments can not be rescheduled once booked.
1-2 treatments are guaranteed per person depending on their needs.
Skin tightening and scar treatments are valued between $150 - $250 per treatment out side of the complementary package.

Re-Piercing & Jewellery wear
Re-piercing the location cannot be done for at least 12 weeks at very earliest, and is not ideal before 12 months and should be reassessed before having the piercing for safety. You are welcome to come in at any time for a check up should you wish to book at no cost.
Re-piercing should not be done with anything but a needle, and should be performed in our Studio as all piercers are trained and offer best practice services. If you choose to have the piercing done elsewhere, we cannot be held accountable for any damage created to the correction/revision or alteration.
In the event of enlargement, your jewellery will be implant grade glass and required to be worn during healing with or with our sutures.
For coin slots, a free sizing fitting is offered after 12 weeks to guarantee measurements. Jewellery may be suitable after 4-6 weeks depending on assessment.

You are required to notify the Studio should you come down with a cold or any sickness including hay-fever within 2 weeks prior to your procedure. This may effect your ability to have the procedure and will need discussing via phone.

Cancelations and Rebooking Fees
In the event of a Last Minute Cancelation, the below fees will apply; (A cancelation made within 3 weeks of your procedure is considered to be a Last Minute Cancelation)

  • Cancelation fee: is equal to 25% of your quoted booking price (this will be deducted from your initial booking payment)
  • New booking payment: The total procedure price is required in advance to rebook, plus a rebooking fee of $120.00 for administrative costs.
  • In the event of a cancelation, you will be issued an invoice that clearly outlines the costs involved.
  • In the event of a second cancellation you will not be offered a re booking option and forfeit all payments made.
It is your responsibility to ensure you are able to attend your appointments as schedule.