Earlobe Repair


Interested in Earlobe Reconstruction? We offer a large range of earlobe alterations including; repairing torn lobes, size reduction, reshaping, reversal of stretched lobes and piercing closure, just to name a few!

Stretched Earlobes
Along with more basic repairs and alterations, we specialise in the reconstruction of stretched lobes in all sizes. We understand that there are many reasons why closing stretched ears may be needed and unlike some clinics, there is no judgement here! We specialise in both making lobes bigger and making them smaller. We know the dedication and care that stretching involves and understand that for some, closing their lobes can be an emotional process.

Heavy Jewellery Damage
Wearing heavy earrings often creates unsightly splitting and deep creasing or thinning lines in the earlobe. Prolonged wear of heavy earrings in thin gauges and incorrect support of the jewellery will always enlarge the piercing placement, lowering the position of the earring and increasing risks of a complete tear. It is important to have this corrected sooner rather than later. To correct an enlarged piercing passage is a simple procedure with minimal risks. It will not affect your ability to re-pierce the lobes and will allow you to keep your natural shape. A complete tear from prolonged splitting involves a more complex procedure to reshape the lobe, as the surrounding tissue has been damaged over time too.

Torn Lobes
There are many ways people have an earring tear through; from snagging on a jumper, to a young child grabbing an earring. In any case, it is fixable.
A tear through is often a fast disconnection, the surrounding tissue is still healthy and full, allowing for better healing conditions and a more seamless result. Often people think they should have this fixed right away, however this can result in multiple procedures being needed for a natural shape as the lobe will be swollen from the trauma preventing accurate reconnection of the tissue. In most cases, it's best to wait 2-3 weeks for all inflammation to be gone and the lobe to be healthy once more. In the event of a tear, an infection is possible, seek professional assistance immediately in case there is any concerns or signs of infection.
Your best option is to clear the infection by following your GP's care instructions, this could include a course of antibiotics and healing the lobe with time as well as making healthy lifestyle choices. Normally this will take 1-2 weeks. In a healthy person with healthy lobes, there are no life threatening issues with a snapped lobe, it just isn’t attractive.
If the lobes were to be repaired while an infection is present, there are not only greater risks with an unpleasing aesthetic result, but a high risk of a failed procedure and tissue death.

Aged Ears
As we age our skin loses its elasticity. The earlobes show this by starting to droop, looking enlarged. A correction can give back a more youthful image to the ears and allow piercings to be elevated to a safer position on the ear. This will also aid in reducing the risk of a complete tear through the lobe should they be pre-pierced.

Fake Earrings and Crushed Earlobes
While some people think clip on earrings are a thing of the past, they [like most things in life] have been updated to newer designs with the use of magnets. As a result of long-term use, they create pressure on the lobe, crushing the tissue and restricting blood flow, making the earlobes look abnormal and deformed.

What is the difference between having lobes repaired in hospital vs a clinic?
Our public health system is for our health care, and not for cosmetic procedures. You will not see a specialist that carries out earlobe repairs regularly, if at all.
You cannot pick and choose who you will see, and you have no indication on the quality of their work prior. The doctor that you speak to may not even be the doctor that carries out your procedure. Most commonly clients are placed under general anaesthetic, which is completely unnecessary and comes with a long line of health complications and risks of its own.
It is important to note that it is not their responsibility to give you a cosmetically pleasing result, they are practicing medicine and even though medicine and cosmetic often go hand-in-hand, they are not the same thing.
The doctor that you see may discuss the procedure first, but ultimately their priority is simply to put you together and then you can look in to cosmetic repair at a later date.
A specialists job is 100% cosmetically focused. Their priority is to deliver the best results possible. To do this, they will require you to be healthy prior to your treatment. This means that there may be some minor lifestyle changes to be made in order to be approved for the procedure.
They will discuss in great lengths; what is possible while taking into consideration your desired results. Their job is not to fix an illness, but to deliver aesthetically pleasing results in a safe environment.
The procedure time length is completely different as well. A procedure with a specialist may take 1-2 hours per earlobe, whereas the procedure with someone inexperienced may take 15-30 minutes per lobe. Ultimately, we are talking about the difference between a doctor simply cutting and specialist uniquely sculpting.


Consultations are conducted over the phone. We will contact you after submitting your Pre Consultation Enquiry Form (below) to organise a suitable time for your consultation.

The consultation begins by having an opportunity to discuss your ideas, concerns & expectations about the procedure along with allowing time for any relevant questions that you may have.

In your consultation, we will:

    • Go over your medical history to evaluate your suitability for our procedure.
    • We will examine your earlobes to assess the tissue.
    • Discuss your options and take your preferences into account when deciding on the most appropriate treatment for you.
      • No children are to attend consultation appointments.
      • No food or drinks are to be brought or consumed in the studio (water accepted).
      • If you are or have been sick in the few days leading up to your consultation, please call us to reschedule your booking. For the safety of both clients and staff, we do not offer services to those unwell. Attending sick or bringing a companion that is sick may result in the refusal of future services. We take the health of our team and clients very seriously and ask that you do as well. Your deposit will be carried forward for this, provided 48 hours’ notice is given, or a medical certificate is provided.
      • Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment to complete medical forms.
      • If you find yourself running late to your appointment, please notify the studio to avoid missing your appointment, or to see if we can push it back for you. Our system automatically cancels late arrivals of more than 5 minutes. This means a new booking may be required with a new booking payment.
      • If you are running 5 minutes late, we must be notified via phone call. No other communication resource will be accepted.
      • We do not accept short notice cancellations within 48 hours of appointments for the transfer of deposits. Each client has the ability transfer their deposit a maximum of 1 time when rebooking with notice.
      • If you require a second consultation due to extended length of time between your consultation and moving forward with the procedure, the second consultation fees are increased to $150.00.
      • Should you need a second consultation as per a request by Cherry within 2-8 weeks of your original consultation this will be at no extra cost and is a free assessment.  

To book your consultation, please fill in the following form. Once this form is submitted, we will contact you via email to move forward with booking in your consultation. Please be advised; if we do not hear back from you within one week of submitting your form, your enquiry will be cancelled, and your account refunded.

Earlobe Reconstruction Pre-Consultation Enquiry

Prices for our earlobe repair procedures start from:

  • Torn Earlobe (from earrings):
    - Single lobe: from $575
    - Set (both earlobes): $1,150
  • Earlobe Reduction (not stretched; Cosmetic Only):
    - Set (both earlobes): $1,200
  • Stretched Earlobe Reversal
    - Single Lobe: $600 - $900
    - Set (both earlobes): $1,150 - $1,600


Q: Can I have my ears re-pierced?
A: In most cases, this is not an issue.

Q: Will I be in pain?
A: Once the numbing has worn off it is common to experience some pain for the first day of healing. After the first day the lobes feel relatively normal and pain free.

Q: Can I take pain killers?
A: If you feel that you really need to, then yes, but all anti-inflammatories must be avoided. Most clients do not need pain relief, but paracetamol is fine to take if necessary.

Q: Can I have the consultation and procedure on the same day?
A: No. This does not allow proper assessment and planning for your procedure.

Q: Can I bring a friend?
A: Unfortunately it is not hygienic or safe to have friends or family in the procedure room while having the procedure.

Q: Can I choose how I want the scars and shape?
A: To an extent. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of freedom in reconstruction as one way may be the best way, and we cannot compromise the results. We will hear your concerns and take them into consideration when determining the best results.

Q: How long does the procedure take?
A: Depending on the lobes requirements, it can take from 45 minutes to 2 hours per earlobe.

Q: How long are the sutures in for?
A: Sutures remain in place for 7-8 days. They are then removed in the studio.

Q: Can I wash my hair?
A: Yes, but wait a minimum period of 24 hours after the procedure.

Q: Can I colour my hair?
A: Ideally not for at least 4 weeks after the procedure.

Q: Can I drive after the procedure?
A: Yes, you will be fine to drive.

We often have clients travel from interstate to have our services performed, and while this is incredible that we're able to share our work with such a broad spectrum of people, there are a few things to consider if you are travelling a fair way to have work done with us.

  • Your consultation will be done over the phone prior to booking any procedure dates.
  • You must stay in Melbourne for at least 15 days to allow for suture removal and check-ups.
  • You cannot travel by air with sutures in your ears.
  • In the days leading up to but before having the procedure, eating well and being well rested is important. Any person attending an expanding or reversal appointment that is visibly unwell will be refused service.
  • No caffeine or blood thinning medications should be consumed within 2 days prior (ideally 7 days prior) and 6 days after the procedure to prevent extra bleeding or prolonged healing, unless medications are prescribed by a doctor and we have been made aware.
  • For best healing results, smoking should be completely refrained from for two weeks prior and two weeks after the procedure. Smoking can induce extra scar tissue development and other health complications.
  • If you sleep on the side of reversal, a travel pillow will be needed to prevent lying on the ears. Picking up a travel pillow from Kmart or Coles should be done prior. Sleeping on the earlobes can rupture the sutures and deform the results. It is also beneficial to sleep on a folded clean towel each night in the event of discharge and to minimise contact with potentially harmful bacteria.
  • If you are on any medications that may affect healing, we must be made aware of this prior to treatment.
  • If you have any known allergies, we must be made aware of this prior to treatment.
  • All physical exercise should be kept to a minimum for at least 4-8 weeks after sutures are removed. If this is not done or not possible, the end result may be compromised, and extra scar tissue may develop.
  • It is important to stay as healthy as possible and rest well. Eat lots of good foods and drink plenty of water for at least the first two weeks.
  • Avoid any unnecessary drugs consumption and all alcohol for 4 weeks after the procedure to prevent damage to the wound site.
  • The scar may take 6-12 months to settle.