Face Masks In The Studio

Mask Wearing for You and Us; Keeping Each Other Safe.

Masks are now part of our dress code and terms of entry. 
Ways in which we are trying to cater to all;

  • We now have an online store, where you can view all of our products that are in-store and get real time stock levels. 
  • We now have shipping and click and collect from our store front. 
  • You now have the option to buy before you arrive for your appointment, allowing you to head straight into a procedure room. 
  • We are now offering private viewings of goods. 
  • We have created online bookings - making appointments via social media and our website now possible. 
  • We now offer Phone consultations and phone appointments for assisting. 
  • We have invested in creating educational content and will continue to to help you understand the mechanics of jewellery from the safety of your home. 
  • We have set up a designated room for those that require extra space or a guest / parent for their appointment. 
  • We have created Designated kids ear piercing appointments so both parents can attend and your child can safely view our displays with out stress or interference. 
  • We have created transparent information and instructions regarding our new normal. 
  • We have invested in new shop fittings and protocols to ensure safety and customer satisfaction. 

Reasons why we will not compromise:

  • We are a best practice facility and we can not be best practice if we are compromising anyone’s safety. 
  • Your health is important to us but your health is just as important as others. 
  • We have immunocompromised team members. The health and well-being of our team is a priority.
  • We have always had a strict "no sickness" policy. If you are unwell in any capacity that risks others, you are not permitted to enter the building.
  • It’s not reasonable to ask us to either shut down or see you. It is reasonable to open a dialogue about your needs or concerns prior to making an appointment and attending. You are 100% aware that your needs may be different from others before attending, and it is your responsibility to plan for this. 
  • Our door is permanently locked for environmental control.
  • You can’t walk straight in to LV, and you can’t walk straight in to Cherrycore. If you are aggressive about having to line up, you will be asked to leave. 
  • There is no ability for social distancing with services that require us to touch you. It is unfair to ask us to risk our safety for a luxury service.
  • Respect is a two way system. We have a strict no tolerance to aggressive behaviour or intimidation.
  • We have the right to refuse entry for many reasons; including not having an appointment, capacity limits, social distancing not being possible, failure to comply with dress code, health and safety ect.
  • If you have a concern or need services altered for you and you have suggestions, all you need to do is book a phone appointment so that we can discuss things, or submit an email to open up the conversation.
  • We aren’t turning you away because we don’t want your money. We, like all businesses, rely on customers. We need your financial support to stay open. We don’t like saying "no" in any capacity, but we will say no to services when they are not safe or in your best interests, or the best interests of the team member.
  • Your rights do not over ride another’s. My team has the right to a safe work space, and our clients have a right to a safe service. If we feel your entry compromises the safety of others, unfortunately you will not be able to enter. 
  • We understand and are deeply sorry that if, for personal reasons, you are unable to wear a mask, and this effects our ability to see you in store at this time. We hope our altered service providing methods will see you still experiencing a great service from us. We look forward to welcoming you back to the Studio once we are able to amend these terms and thank you for your understanding and for being part of the solution during these difficult times.

Please remember, You are welcome to request alternative service providing options and know where we can make reasonable alterations to provide services, we will of course accommodate all.