Hypertrophic Scar Revision Aftercare

Individual aftercare to be determined after consultation.

After healing aftercare.
Sun Exposure:
Newly healed scar tissue is sensitive to sun exposure, people should avoid unnecessary sun exposure as much as possible for the first 12 months as a minimum.

The use of a mild non-perfumed soap should be used once healed to wash skin. Having tepid showers during healing and for the first few weeks is advised as scar tissue can burn much more easily.

Application of oils:
Jojoba oil is supplied and advised during the first 12 weeks of healing to aid in relief of itching of the skin. It is very common to experience itching however it is highly important not to scratch the skin as this can lead damage and scar formation.

Blisters and cysts:
Newly formed skin may remain fragile for many months. It is prone to blistering and may require a protective dressing or garment. Occasionally small cysts may form in a healed area. These look similar to pimples but are not usually infected. Blisters and cysts normally resolve without the need for treatment however it is important not to squeeze them no matter how tempted you are. This can lead to infection and damage to your scar. Should you be concerned an appointment should be booked for assessment prior to self-treatment.