Large Gauge Piercing

General Information

We specialise in a range of alternative stretching methods.

Large Gauge Piercings
Large gauge piercing refers to sizes above the four most commonly used sizes in piercing studios for basic piercings. These are sizes 20g, 18g, 16g and 14g. The next size up from 14g is 12g (2mm). 12g is the starting size for what we refer to as large gauge.
As you can see, the numbers work in reverse here - 12g = 2mm, which is thicker than 20g = 0.8mm.
There are many areas on the body that we can do large gauge piercings, and some of these areas require large gauge as standard for safety and piercing durability.

Deciding if large gauge is right for you?
Some people like the look of the thicker jewellery, and if the area is suitable, then there is no reason why you can't start with your dream size. For others, it may be a matter of need for durability to prevent risks of tearing during friction or play. No matter the service in our Studio, it is our job to help work out what is best for you and your needs, so if you are unsure or find it confusing, do not stress!

Large gauge piercings aren't always the best option for all areas and sizes. This is where doing large gauge punches come in.
We know that the term "punch" sounds horrific, but really it's just a shorter term for biopsy punch (the tool used to do the piercing).
Punches are great and more ideal for cartilage areas. Punches can in fact help the healing process along a little faster when used in these areas. This method of piercing can be done for smaller sizes like 1mm (18ga) piercings, right up to 10mm (00ga) piercings.
Along with helping cartilage heal, we also use this method in areas like the earlobe to increase sizing over stretching.

We can use methods like scalpelling to increase earlobe sizes without removing the tissue, or to help increasing the size of existing stretched earlobes.

Shaped Punches
We offer Steve Haworth's hearts and star punches also.


Pricing for large gauge piercings start from:
12ga (2mm), 10ga (2.4mm), 8ga (3.2mm), 6ga (4mm): $65.00 ea plus jewellery*
18ga (1mm), 14ga (1.6mm), 12ga (2mm): $120.00 ea including jewellery*

Lobe or Cartilage Punches
3mm - 6mm: $220.00 ea including jewellery*
Lobe Punches and Closure
4mm upwards: from $460.00 ea plus jewellery*
Cartilage Punches and Closure
4mm upwards: from $700.00 ea plus jewellery*
from $460.00 ea plus jewellery.*

Coin Slot Piercings: (click for more info on coin slots)
from $700.00 plus jewellery

*Jewellery used is ASTM F-136 implant grade titanium eyelets or glass eyelets.
Depending on your specific anatomical needs, we may opt to use custom made PTFE or Delrin jewellery.
We never used stainless ("surgical") steel, silicone, acrylic, PVD black jewellery etc for fresh piercings.


Due to the current restrictions across Victoria, all consultations will be conducted over the phone. We will contact you after submitting your Pre Consultation Enquiry Form to organise a suitable time for your consultation.

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