Large Gauge Piercing Pricing

Pricing for large gauge piercings start from:
12ga (2mm), 10ga (2.4mm), 8ga (3.2mm), 6ga (4mm): $65.00 ea plus jewellery*
18ga (1mm), 14ga (1.6mm), 12ga (2mm): $120.00 ea including jewellery*

Lobe or Cartilage Punches
3mm - 6mm: $220.00 ea including jewellery*
Lobe Punches and Closure
4mm upwards: from $460.00 ea plus jewellery*
Cartilage Punches and Closure
4mm upwards: from $700.00 ea plus jewellery*
from $460.00 ea plus jewellery.*

Coin Slot Piercings: (click for more info on coin slots)
from $700.00 plus jewellery

*Jewellery used is ASTM F-136 implant grade titanium eyelets or glass eyelets.
Depending on your specific anatomical needs, we may opt to use custom made PTFE or Delrin jewellery.
We never used stainless ("surgical") steel, silicone, acrylic, PVD black jewellery etc for fresh piercings.