Plasma Pen Skin Tightening

General Information

What is Plasma Pen Skin Tightening?
If you are asking this question, welcome to the amazing world of skin tightening!
This innovative technology utilizes plasma formed through ionization of atmospheric gasses to stimulate instant contraction and tightening of the skin fibres and collagen production.

This is all achieved without the use of a scalpel or a laser!
This tightening treatment is performed in our beautiful clinical room through miniature spots made with a pen-like device while you rest back, and catch up on the next episode of your favourite show on Netflix.

The hand held device heats the dermis in targeted areas, which will shed post treatment, and allow new, fresher skin to form. At the same time, new collagen will begin to form. Plasma Pen Skin Tightening is classified as a non-invasive beauty treatment that is ideal for treating areas that have tissue laxity. It is not a replacement for a tummy tuck, but it will give you amazing results if you have excess skin and are not really in the surgical requirement zone.

Each of the spots made plays an important role in the tightening process, and while you will feel a bit spotty and red after, this won't last long and your results will blow you away, we guarantee it!
We are so sure of the effectiveness of our Plasma Pen skin tightening treatment that we put our satisfaction guarantee on it, which means that if you haven't achieved tightening results within 3 treatments, we will give you your money back! How many treatments can offer that?! You have nothing to lose except that saggy skin!

"So what areas can I have treated?" I hear you ask, well it would be easier to list what areas we can't treat, but we here is a list of a few areas that we can treat to give you an idea of the versatility of this treatment:
- Plasma Pen Brow Lift
- Plasma Pen Eyelid Lift: Upper and Lower
- Plasma Pen Face Lift
- Plasma Pen Neck Lift
- Improvement of scars including post surgery
- Mummy Tummy (if you have a navel piercing, this treatment works perfectly with our navel reconstruction procedure) (Link will be updated soon)
- Stretch marks 
- Arms
- Knees
- Sun Spots
- Skin Tags
- Lines and Wrinkles Around the Mouth
- Hands
Plus much more!

Now you’re thinking, "Wow, so how many treatments do I need?"
There is no set number of treatments, unfortunately. Each of us are exposed to different elements and have different genetics and lifestyles, so we really need to do a consultation to make sure that you are both suitable and well informed.
During your consultation, we will assess your tissue and provide a treatment plan. As a guide though (because we know you want one):

For skin tightening treatments, you may require 1-4 treatments on the one area. This will depend on the skin type; for example, if we need to treat an area more delicately due to health or tissue structure, then we may need to do extra treatments. If your skin is healthy with minimal laxity, then 1-2 treatments is standard, depending on desired results.

"And how long will it last?", is always next in line on the mind:
We can't stop the clock and prevent the continuing aging process - no one can - we can only take you back in time.
Age and lifestyle play a massive part of your results lasting. Should you gain and lose weight, your results may be short lived; but if you look after yourself, you will get years out of the treatment. And if you combine the plasma pen tightening with a sprinkle of anti wrinkle (for facial treatments), well let's just see if we can stop that old grump, Father Time in his tracks! Check out our cosmetic injectable nurse on staff here.


Q: How long will it be before I have my full results?
A: You will see instant change, however we don’t like to refer to these as results, as they are short lived once inflammation kicks in.
Over the next coming 6 weeks, you will see a drastic improvement, and by 12 weeks, you will be at what we call "the end" of the tightening process. Even though internally, your body may still be active improving your collagen structure, which will help your results continue to improve. For best results with a multiple treatment plan, we recommend having your second treatment no earlier than 8 weeks, and no later than 4 months after your first treatment.

Q: Do I need time off work?
A: This will depend on your role and the treatment that you have. If you have a mummy tummy tighten, you will be fine to return to work the same day or the day after, however the same cannot be said for facial treatments.
We know that some other clinics say that there is no down time, but that’s a lie! Just use Google Search for images, and it will show you how much of a lie this is. I don’t understand why anyone would say this, as you, the client, need to be prepared with realistic expectations, and deserve the truth.
While the treatment is non surgical, you will still have inflammation after the treatment. For some, this is minimal and does not phase them, but for others this may make them feel self conscious and like a tomato for a good few hours after the procedure, and some may stay red for even longer.
Eye treatments swell noticeably more than other areas, and we guarantee that you want a day to relax at home with this. I personally have had treatments in the past, and have been told the whole “it's so easy, you can go back to work!” It only made me feel lied to and scammed. I ended up needing 4 days off work with one “return to work same day treatment”, and I never want one of my clients to experience this frustration.
When we assess your skin type, your medical history and discuss lifestyle, I will always give an honest, realistic timeline for each individual. So don’t let the down time freak you out, but keep in mind that it is a visible treatment when on the face, and if you are not comfortable with people seeing you with a skin treatment, then you will need time to rest. The worst of it is the first 1-2 days, and by day three, everything is improving drastically. The intensity and location will determine recommended relax time. It's safe to say that doing it with no plans the next day is best though, and if you have a 2 day weekend; even better. We offer evening bookings on Thursdays and Fridays, and on request some other weekdays too. We don’t want to put you in a pickle, or have you feeling self conscious. 

Q: Will I have scabs?
A: Unfortunately, this is a possibility, and you cannot soak or pick them off! Everyone will experience a level of dryness and most will notice a small amount of scabs like miniature dots, but if you don't let the skin dry out, this may not happen. This will not last long, we promise! Normally, by 1 week, the skin has completed the first stage of healing and dryness will be settling. Great news though, this is why we offer a free Dermaplaning and hydration treatment with all tightening treatments! We want to get you looking fabulous in the fastest way possible and living your best life. We have you covered.  

Q: What will my skin look like after the first stage of healing?
A: It is very important to understand that this is a tightening process, and essentially a resurfacing treatment, which means that your skin will be sensitive and have a pinkness to it until inflammation settles properly. There is no way to skip this part of healing. The pinkness is an indication of heightened blood circulation. So, think of it like; "while there is pink, there is activity and results are only going to get better."

Q: Can I wear makeup?
A: So here is a catch, the makeup industry doesn’t always have skin health in mind when developing products, which is why it is highly important to make sure what you are using is safe, and not going to create premature ageing long term, or damage healing. As a practitioner that specializes in reparative treatments, and as a female in my 30’s, I am always on the lookout for better and safer makeup options. This is why when it comes to make up, I currently love to recommend Youngblood Mineral Makeup.

We have no connection to the brand, but I personally use it and love it.

It is one of the best make up ranges that I’ve come across for mature / ageing skin, with the added bonuses of safety in application. Should you apply makeup while any spots are on the skin, you will find the skin will look worse than if you hadn’t have. It is best to give it at least 5 days before the application of Youngblood Mineral Makeup. Should you want assistance with their products at your consultation, we can recommend which products will be best for you and your skin type.

You cannot, under any circumstance, use non 100% mineral make up prior to 2 weeks. Should you do this, you will interfere with healing and possibly create chemical burn issues from the make up with the sensitivity of the skins' surface post treatment. The use while any skin is broken can result in infection, creating permanent disfigurement. It is not worth it. By upgrading your makeup instead, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Q: Is this treatment age restricted?
A: Yes, this treatment is not suitable for all ages, and in most cases, if you are wanting facial treatments it is not suitable for those under the age of 24. You must have excess tissue for the treatment. It does not work on full volume tissue. At the age of 24, fine lines are starting to turn in to wrinkles. For most, this is not overly noticeable at this point in time, and alternative treatments may be preferable like micro-needling. If you have had a baby however, your mummy tummy can be treated at the age of 18 years and older. Plasma Pen facial treatments are best for those 28 years and older, with best results seen on those over the age of 35. 

Q: Can I have a test patch?
A: Yes, you can, and we encourage this to be carried out at your consultation rather than a separate date. It will better prepare you for the treatment and allow us to see how your skin recovers.

Q: Is there anything I need to do before a consultation?
A: You will be required to fill in your consultation form online so that we have this information prior to your consultation.

What To Expect

- In the hours following your treatment, a mild burning sensation similar to a sunburn may be experienced. This should subside within a couple of hours.
If this discomfort lasts longer, anti-inflammatory pain medication can be taken, providing you are well and safe to do so alongside any other medications that you may be taking.

- Everyone has a different level of pain tolerance. If your discomfort is high, you may be able to apply an over the counter sunburn ointment that contains the anaesthetic, Lidocaine. Avoid ointments containing Benzocaine, and always consult with your GP or pharmacist before use.

- Swelling in and around the treated area may be experienced. Swelling may be more severe in some cases. This generally will subside within a few days, provided that all correct aftercare instructions are followed.
In eye treatments, it is normal for the lower eye area to swell when the upper is treated. This is because the lower and upper eye regions are connected. In some cases, anti inflammatory and or antihistamines may help. Speak with your physician or pharmacist before taking any new medications or combining medications.

- Adding an extra pillow while sleeping will help with facial treatments. It is recommended to use a travel pillow to prevent sleeping on yours sides and to keep the neck from folding on itself, but should not be needed for chest or abdomen. These areas are required to be kept as flat as possible and not folded while sleeping.

- After treatment, KOOL N SOOTHE Pads should be used to aid in comfort and reduce swelling. These are safer than using ice, as ice can damage the tissue. These pads leave no residue to the skin, however are able to stick to the skin safely. If the pad does not feel cold, simply lift off the skin for 30 sections and reapply. It will feel very cold once removed and reapplied. As the surface temperature of the skin rises, the heat on the skin causes the evaporation of the water within the Kool 'n' Soothe gel sheet. This creates a safe, cooling sensation on the skin and can be used consistently for 3 days for extra comfort if need be.

- If the skin dries, crusts will form on the skin. Do not attempt to remove them, you will create permanent damage and possibly large dents into the skin by damaging underlying layers of tissue, and possibly stimulate scar tissue formation. Skin is ideally kept hydrated during healing, and is to be treated in the same way that superficial burns are treated (more information below on this).

- Sports, saunas, swimming, gardening etc should be avoided completely until the skin has completed the first stage of healing, where no visible spots are on the skin; (between 7-14 days). Soft movements, however, are encouraged to aid with drainage of fluid retention in tissue.

- We recommend the use of a few products to aid in healing; this will be listed in the aftercare section to read more.

Superficial Burns:
- The type of injury created via the plasma pen treatment is best categorized as a superficial burn, and as such, we follow the same principles with healing for the best outcome regarding health and results.

- Superficial burns are best treated via moist wound management. This increases the speed of the healing, and minimizes risks of trauma via scabs, dryness, flaking etc.

- The depth of a burn can change over the following few days, and is why after your treatment we require follow ups via email images or if possible, in clinic assessment.

- Inflammation is important for results and healing, however the use of the Kool n Soothe pads should still be used for the first 3 days and applied within 2 hours after treatment.

- There are many different ways treat and dress a burn. It will be our responsibility to assess and provide care tailored to your needs, however we have our standard recommended aftercare outlined on the aftercare page.

Sun Exposure
- Newly healed skin is sensitive to the sun and requires extra protection. The use of clothing to cover the skin is highly important, and 50+ SPF sunscreen or zinc should be used.

Newly healing and healed skin is sensitive to temperature, and a tepid shower is best for bathing. An antimicrobial soap should be used during healing, and a mild, non-perfumed soap once healed will minimize sensitivity. The use of Hyaluronic Acid and Jojoba Oil will aid in skin comfort and healing by hydrating the skin and protecting it. This should be used twice a day.

- Itching is a common problem for newly healing cells. It is highly important not to scratch to prevent damage to the skin. When itching happens, simply use Jojoba oil to lightly rub the skin.
Jojoba oil has anti-inflammatory properties which helps to reduce redness caused by drying, ease the effects of eczema and rosacea, and keep the skin calm and comfortable. The Vitamin E and B-complex vitamins in the Jojoba oil help in skin repair and damage control.

- It is difficult to predict the severity of scarring should you damage healing skin. It is highly important to take all precautionary steps to ensure the best results. Damaging a superficial burn can result in a full depth scar that could take up to 2 years to recover, and can leave visible scar formation.

- This is highly important for fast healing. Making sure you are consuming a well balanced diet of high protein (like lentils), fruit and vegetables (blueberries, nectarines, strawberries, coconut yogurt, capsicum, asparagus, sprouts, sweet potato) and an increase in water and electrolytes.

Before Your Procedure

Getting to Cherrycore
Address: 39 Main Street, Upwey, Victoria 3158.
The nearest train station is Upwey Station. It is within a 2 minute walking distance should a public transport option be required. 
Should you wish to drive, you will be perfectly fine and able to drive yourself to and from the Studio. There is ample parking nearby, with 4hr parking found 5 shops up the street from the Studio. 

The Day of the Procedure
Please be showered and as clean as possible. No strong scented deodorants or perfumes are to be worn.
No smoking, no caffeine, no medications unless notified of prior and approved. Eat a hearty meal within 2 hours of your appointment.
Drink water and please feel free to bring snacks and liquid should you feel the need.
Should you wish to bring snacks that require refrigeration this is not an issue, simply notify staff on arrival.

Please make sure to leave your day as stress free as possible after the procedure with minimal activity so that you are relaxed. 

Our clinical procedure room is fitted with a wall mounted iPad, and we supply disposable headphones, so you can simply relax watching Netflix while the procedure is being carried out.

Your Arrival Time
While our clinic will endeavour to minimise your waiting time, it is highly important to be punctual to all appointments.
Please aim to arrive 15 minutes earlier to your procedure time to prevent issues with traffic delays and to fill in client paperwork.
If you are worried that you may be late to any of your appointments, a phone call should be made out of courtesy and to confirm the appointment can still continue.

Personal Information and Privacy
Cherrycore does not share your personal information with any third party persons or organisations.
Your information will be stored complying with Victorian Health Regulations, and made available to you on request, including photos of your before-and-after images and documents of all sterile single use equipment used during your procedure.

If you are taking, or start taking any medications (including non prescription, over the counter or herbal alternative medicines and vitamins) that are not documented in your consultation form, the Studio must be made aware of this prior to the procedure immediately.
This includes generic pain relief.

After the procedure, you will be able to take pain medications as required and as suitable with your medical history.

Preparing for your Procedure
Patient’s Responsibilities
You have the responsibility to:
- Find out about your treatment options. 
- Answer questions about your health frankly and honestly.
- Follow your treatment and inform the Studio if you are not able to.
- Keep appointments or notify the Studio if unable to attend.
- Pay the fees quoted in full on the completion of the procedure. 
- Maintain skin hydration and health.
If you are aware of any particular conditions that may cause undue harm to others or staff, this should be disclosed prior to your procedure or at time of arrival. 

In the lead up to your procedure date, we ask that you make sure that you are eating a healthy, balanced diet, giving you the all vitamins and minerals that you require for fast healing and to allow the best results possible.
It is important to increase your intake of foods that contain good amounts of vitamins A, B, and C along with iron and protein. These all play a big part in healthy, fast healing. Orange vegetables like carrots, pumpkin, and sweet potato are good sources for vitamin A. Strawberries and capsicum are two of the best forms of vitamin C, and also helps your body absorb iron which helps with energy and blood consistency. Vitamin B is commonly found in asparagus, spinach, broccoli, beets and lentils to name a few, and lentils are a fantastic source of protein. All of these things will help collagen and energy needed for cell repair.
Drink plenty of water and minimize all caffeinated drinks, drugs and alcohol for at least 3 days prior, and for at least 2 weeks after your procedure, for best results.

It is highly important to have well rested sleep in the days leading up to your procedure, and the following 2 weeks after your procedure to aid in cell repair and prevent prolonged healing. You will be required to use a travel pillow while sleeping for the first 7 days to prevent damage, and aid in healing of facial and neck treatment. It is best to start this process a few days prior to get used to and comfortable with the pillow. If you do not have a travel pillow or would like to have a look at a few options, you will find both beaded and memory foam at Spotlight and a variety of beaded at Kmart. For body treatments, keep the area unfolded and as straight as possible.

Skin Health
In the days leading up to your procedure, it is important to make sure that the skin is healthy with no dryness. A hyaluronic acid will help to maintain tissue health and provide a great head start for cell repair.
After your procedure, when the skin is healed, make sure to be sun smart. It is very important to use UV protection as the skin will be more sensitive and will burn much more easily than surrounding tissue until fully healed.

The Naughty List
Try to minimize caffeine prior to your treatment and for 2 weeks after. This will help minimize swelling and discomfort, as well as help reduce dehydration.
Try to minimize smoking prior and 2 weeks after, or use this as motivation to quit. Your skin will love you for it.
No drugs or alcohol 2 weeks prior and 6 weeks after.
No sleeping on the treated area for 7 days.
No pulling or rough contact for at least 8 – 12 weeks after.
No scratching! This is the worst thing you can do and can lead to permanent complications to results.
No strenuous exercise for 10 days after the procedure.
If these are not followed, the end results may be compromised, and scar tissue may develop as a result, requiring alternative methods to care for and treat.
Depending on individual health as to what exceptions can be safely made, this will be discussed at you consultation.

Infection Control
The Cherrycore Studio is committed to promoting infection control awareness to both staff and clients. All clients and visitors are encouraged to use hand sanitiser located in the waiting area and with supervision in procedure rooms to assist with reducing infection risks.
We also ask that visitors with colds, gastroenteritis or other contagious diseases do not visit the Studio, in order to prevent the spread of these infections. 
Our practice is fitted with air purifying and sanitizing devices along with following best practice aseptic standards.
Should you fall sick prior to your procedure, you must notify the Studio as soon as possible to re-book. No client will be treated while sick.
This includes having a cold within 2 weeks of treatment. If you feel rundown, or you feel like you are at the end of an illness, we cannot treat you for your safety, the safety of our clients and the safety of our staff.
If you attend an appointment sick, you may be refused a re-booking option and may be cancelled as a client.

The following list is not intended to frighten. All complications are avoidable or treatable and listed purely for legal reasons.
Infection is always possible with any skin trauma, making all risks associated with infection possible. Should you suspect an issue like an infection, the Studio must be notified promptly and medical attention must be sought out immediately. 
Common signs of infection are; Bright fire redness to skin tone, Shiny/scaly skin appearance, Abnormal amount of swelling affecting surrounding skin, Radiant heat, An intolerable pain while not touching or while touching, feeling unwell (be it nausea or diarrhoea), fever or chills.
It is, however, normal to experience some of these symptoms after treatment as they are part of the inflammatory response. This includes heat, swelling, redness, pain, disturbance in function.
If you are unsure at any point of your recovery, it is your responsibility to contact us. We want to hear from you, and even if you feel like you are being paranoid; just ask. There is nothing to be gained from stress.
This is a low risk, non invasive procedure. Infection is not common and should never happen which proper care.

If not cleaned properly, you will be creating a breeding ground for bacteria. It is your responsibility to take all required steps to carry out proper personal hygiene. This includes but not limited to: showering twice a day, flushing the treated area should you be hot and sweaty with sterile saline wash provided, washing your hands regularly throughout the day, and using hand sanitizers.
Your hands are the supplier of harmful bacteria to a skin lesion. You will touch your treated area during healing - everyone does. You're human, you can't help but poke. It's when you do this with dirty hands that you are putting yourself at higher risk, and others at risk of your body fluid. Clean clothing and wound dressing will also minimize contamination risks.

Scabbing will prolong healing and create extra discomfort. Itching is due to dehydration in cells, which is why we recommend moist healing (see aftercare for further information). Scabbing may impact the results if scratched or damaged. The prevention of scabbing is alternatively the best prevention to damage, and permanent scar formation as a result of trauma to the treated area.

At night time, it is possible to scratch the treated area while sleeping. This may compromise your results. We recommend covering all larger treated areas with breathable dressings to prevent touching and scratching while asleep. We will show you how, and provide anything that we feel is needed to aid in your safety and to ensure best results. 

As listed and discussed, a travel pillow is required to prevent sleeping on facial treatments and prevent folding in neck treatments. 

It is the clients’ responsibility to make sure all necessary steps are taken to heal the procedure and prevent injury.

While these are all low risk, they are still theoretical risks, and any incidents will not be at the expense of Cherrycore expense to repair. We understand that it would be devastating to have anything happen, but we cannot offer free treatments for those that have accidents or do not follow instructions properly. Just the same, we are not responsible or obligated to offer compensation for mistreatment resulting in the need of medications and medical bills. 
It is the clients responsibility to prevent cross contamination with their home care. 
Should there be any confusion on how to clean, this must be addressed prior to the procedure.
Aftercare will be re-covered after the procedure for extra clarity and to make sure you are confident.

Pricing is personalised per client's conditions. Those with more complex or larger treatments areas will both take longer and be priced at a higher amount. This information should not be shared or used for any other person as their requirements may be different and will not provide an accurate reflection of pricing for their needs.
Our pricing guide should be used for this.
When booking the procedure, you are agreeing that you have been given the opportunity to ask questions and have not only received all information that you require, but had a sit down consultation. You are agreeing that this is your decision to have your appearance altered. 
You understand all healing instructions must be followed and any negative outcome due to not following these is at the clients’ own responsibility to correct and seek help. 
Cherrycore reserves the right to refuse service to those that do not comply with their protocol.
You are more than welcome to, and encouraged to, come in at any time for a check up during your healing should you wish to book at No extra Cost. These will be 5-10 minute appointments requiring punctuality.
Check ups that are not required will not have our complementary hydration and exfoliation treatments included. Our complementary skin care treatments will be listed out in your procedure plan in regards to your needs. 

Last minute cancellations to complementary services will forfeit the treatment unless stated otherwise. A check up is still required to guarantee results. If you fail to attend required appointment our ‘results guaranteed’ with be void.

We have an incredibly tight, no sickness policy, that will not be compromised on.
You are required to notify the studio should you come down with a cold or any sickness within 2 weeks prior to your procedure. This may affect your ability to have the procedure and will need discussing via phone.
If cancellation is needed due to sickness, we may require a medical certificate to re-book and to avoid any re-booking fees.
We also ask that visitors with colds, gastroenteritis or other contagious diseases do not visit the Studio, in order to prevent the spread of these infections.
No client will be treated while sick.

All cancellations due to change of plans made last minute will forfeit deposits.
Last minute cancellations are those made within 3 days prior to treatment.
Last minute cancellation prevent your appointment dates being filled, affecting the Studio and other clients waiting for appointments. 

If re-booking is required more than once, you will be required to pay a 50% cancellation fee, this will be based off your procedure value. We do not guarantee re-booking options for those that cancel their procedure short notice. Cherrycore reserves the right to refuse service for no disclosed reason and expect that this is respected.

When booking, you are acknowledging that cancellation are not to be made lightly should you wish to be able to re-book, as our Studio takes time management very seriously.
We appreciate that situations can change, and will do our best to accommodate, however we cannot make exceptions that will hurt the Studio financially due to change of mind or situation.
All changes are best made as far in advance as possible to prevent complications, and are to be made via phone call, not email.

Should there be any confusion regarding this policy, please call to book a time to speak to Cherry or Diana.



Aftercare Pack provided includes:
Antimicrobial Wound Wash Soap
NeilMed Sterile Saline Wound Wash 177mL
Prontosan Wound Gel
Sterile gauze
Sterile dressings
Kool n' Soothe Gel pads
Jojoba Oil 30mL


NeilMed Sterile Saline Wound Wash 177mL
Provided in your aftercare pack.
NeilMed should be used after showering to flush the treated area free from any products used in the shower that could potentially create issues if left on the skin. The skin should then be patted dry (no rubbing) with the sterile gauze provided.
It should also be used in the event of sweating or contamination.
NeilMed is a user friendly, sterile saline wound wash; making it ideal for the handbag and use during the day. Its design makes the flushing of the tissue simple, with its fine mist pressure nozzle; minimizing the need to touch, and preventing full liquid spills. It is gentle enough not to damage newly forming cells of healing, while being able to flush fibres or build up from the day.

Kool n' Soothe Gel Pads
Included in aftercare pack.
As the surface temperature of the skin rises, the heat on the skin causes the evaporation of the water within the Kool n' Soothe gel sheet. This creates a safe, cooling sensation on the skin, and can be used consistently for 3 days for extra comfort if need be. Ice and freezer packs must not be used, as this can potentially create further damage to the skin. Kool n' Soothe is tried and trusted for these procedures, along with others that we offer. Proving to provide the most effective relief and promoting faster recovery.

Prontosan Wound Gel
Provided in your care pack.

Not many topical gels or creams can be used with the Mepilex wound dressings, however the Prontosan gel can, making it a perfect match.

The Prontosan Gel, when used with the dressings that we supply also, makes dressing removal simple and easy to do. Simply spray the dressing with sterile wound wash to saturate, and the dressing will release from the skin with no pulls or fuss. We use this wound gel with your treatment, and you will be given the remainder to take and use for the remaining healing process. Should you lose, damage or require more, you can purchase from the link above.

Q&A Booklet

Mepilex Wound Dressings - 3 packs $22.00 - $50.00
We will supply you with simple dressings, however for some treatments, we require a more advanced type of dressing. This is mainly required for treatments around the navel, as the navel has a large biodiversity range of - on average - 67 different types of bacteria. This is not to say that they are all bad, however it doesn’t mean that it's good, or safe for healing.

Staph is commonly found in navels, and while it presents no issue on the skin, it can create a rather severe infection when entered into the body. These dressings are for burns, and help to prevent infection. A pack of 3 will be all that you will need, as the dressings can be safely left of the skin for 3 - 5 days. These dressings, combined with proper skin preparation, allows us to conduct the skin tightening procedure safely around a more troublesome area. Should you require these dressings, we will advise of this during your consultation, and explain their use.

Chlorsig Antibiotic Ointment - $10.00
For the treatment of eyelid tightening treatments, Chlorsig is a safe and effective treatment for superficial burns. This can be purchased at your local pharmacy, or online here.
Make sure to check that medications are suitable for your individual needs with your regular GP prior to use.

Jojoba Oil 30mL
Provided in your aftercare pack.
Jojoba oil has anti-inflammatory properties which helps to reduce redness caused by drying, ease the effects of eczema and rosacea, and keep the skin calm and comfortable. The Vitamin E and B-complex vitamins in the Jojoba oil help in skin repair and damage control.