Plasma Pen Skin Tightening


What is Plasma Pen Skin Tightening?
If you are asking this question, welcome to the amazing world of skin tightening!
This innovative technology utilizes plasma formed through ionization of atmospheric gasses to stimulate instant contraction and tightening of the skin fibers and collagen production.

This is all achieved without the use of a scalpel or a laser!
This tightening treatment is performed in our beautiful clinical room through miniature spots made with a pen-like device while you rest back, and catch up on the next episode of you favourite show on Netflix.

The hand held device heats the dermis in targeted areas, which will shed post treatment, and allow new, fresher skin to form. At the same time, new collagen will begin to form. Plasma Pen Skin Tightening is classified as a non-invasive beauty treatment that is ideal for treating areas that have tissue laxity. It is not a replacement for a tummy tuck, but it will give you amazing results if you have excess skin and are not really in the surgical requirement zone.

Each of the spots made plays an important role in the tightening process, and while you will feel a bit spotty and red after, this won't last long and your results will blow you away, we guarantee it!
We are so sure of the effectiveness of our Plasma Pen skin tightening treatment that we put our satisfaction guarantee on it, which means that if you haven't achieved tightening results with in 3 treatments, we will give you your money back! How many treatments can offer that?! You have nothing to lose except that saggy skin!

"So what areas can I have treated?" I hear you ask, well it would be easier to list what areas we can't treat, but we here is a list of a few areas that we can treat to give you an idea of the versatility of this treatment:
- Plasma Pen Brow Lift
- Plasma Pen Eyelid Lift: Upper and Lower
- Plasma Pen Face Lift
- Plasma Pen Neck Lift
- Improvement of scars including post surgery
- Mummy Tummy (if you have a navel piercing, this treatment works perfectly with our navel reconstruction procedure) (Link will be updated soon)
- Stretch marks 
- Arms
- Knees
- Sun Spots
- Skin Tags
- Lines and Wrinkles Around the Mouth
- Hands
Plus much more!

Now you’re thinking, "Wow, so how many treatments do I need?"
There is no set number of treatments, unfortunately. Each of us are exposed to different elements and have different genetics and lifestyles, so we really need to do a consultation to make sure that you are both suitable and well informed.
During your consultation, we will assess your tissue and provide a treatment plan. As a guide though (because we know you want one):

For skin tightening treatments, you may require 1-4 treatments on the one area. This will depend on the skin type; for example, if we need to treat an area more delicately due to health or tissue structure, then we may need to do extra treatments. If your skin is healthy with minimal laxity, then 1-2 treatments is standard, depending on desired results.

"And how long will it last?", is always next in line on the mind:
We can't stop the clock and prevent the continuing aging process - no one can - we can only take you back in time.
Age and lifestyle play a massive part of your results lasting. Should you gain and lose weight, your results may be short lived; but if you look after yourself, you will get years out of the treatment. And if you combine the plasma pen tightening with a sprinkle of anti wrinkle (for facial treatments), well let's just see if we can stop that old grump, Father Time in his tracks! Check out our cosmetic injectable nurse on staff here.