Proud Flesh

What is Proud Flesh?
Proud flesh in its simplest is a meaty looking growth from the inside of a wound.

Almost like the wound is turning itself inside out. The outer layer of skin is stretched back and the overgrowth bulges out looking gooey. See image for reference:

Are corrective procedures age restricted?
We do require all clients under 18 years old to have consent from a parent or legal guardian. Identification is required as with all procedures for those under and over 18.

Do I need a consultation?
Yes. A consultation allows us to discuss your suitability, your medical history and health along with discussing the procedure, your aftercare and allowing you to ask any questions you may have. This can be on the same day as the procedure, should an application be prefilled in and images be sent via email. Unfortunately, consultations cannot be discussed via email and all questions will need to be asked in store. The prefilled form will simply allow us to approve you for the procedure on the same day as the consultation. An appointment must be pre booked via phone.

What is the healing like?
Proud flesh requires no sutures and is to be treated just as if the piercing is new once more.

It is uncommon to have any pain or discomfort after the procedure, if anything the location feels noticeably better. Some light bleeding may happen on day 1-3. There may be some tenderness to the area lasting around 14 days. More so when touched or if jewellery is bumped. Cleaning is simple and just the same as our piercing aftercare.

What alternative treatments are available for proud flesh associated with body piercing?
Removal of excess tissue is the fastest method with the least risk of extra tissue damage, scarring and infection. Removal is also the lest painful way to treat the overgrowth associated with piercings. Most people find within 7 - 10 days their piercing is as if they always had it and never had a healing complication at all. Unfortunately for the safety of readers, we cannot recommend alternative home treatments, assessment would be necessary first.

How many treatments will I need?
One treatment per growth is all that is needed.

The science behind the procedure, in its simplest:
When a wound doesn’t heal as fast as it should, it can get stuck in a regenerative stage. In body piercings this can be due to multiple things like bumping the piercing, not cleaning appropriately, touching or playing with the piercing, low quality jewellery, poorly fitted jewellery and so on. When this happens this amount of extra tissue is too much for the skin to hold thus the skin gets stretched back. When we remove the overgrowth it triggers the body to start healing and repair the area once more, the skin can then tighten back over the wound and seal its self-off properly.

Consultation fee with Piercing Specialist: $0.00 (no procedure)
Procedure cost: $50.00
Consultation fee with Cherry: $50.00 (includes removal of growth in the same appointment. Separate appointments will have separate fees)
*Please note this fee is for your appointment and is required at time of booking to secure the appointment. No deposit, no booking. There is no further payment required at the time of consultation.