Scarification Consultation


You will need a consultation to discuss your design and placement ideas for scarification. Consultations require a $50 fee to be paid to make the booking - this fee will come off the total cost of the scarification piece.
Please call (03) 9752 6239 to book your consultation appointment.
Your consultation will

  • Cover medical history and suitability
  • Examine the surface suitability for the design
  • Discuss your options along with your desires


Terms & Conditions
In the event of a "no show" to an appointment, your $50 consultation fee will need to be paid to rebook. To prevent this, consultations must be cancelled with at least 24 hours’ notice. No Shows prevent others from filling in the appointment and waste our time. We do not take this lightly and as a result, future consultation may be refused.


  • If you are/or have been sick in the few days leading up to your consultation, please call us to reschedule your booking. For the safety of both clients and staff, we are unable to see sick clients.
  • Consultations are not suitable for children, and children cannot be left unsupervised in the waiting area.
  • If you find that you will be late to your appointment, please notify the studio to avoid missing your appointment, or to see if we can push it back for you. Our system automatically cancels late arrivals of more than 5 minutes.