Scarification - The Procedure


How the Procedure is Performed
Scarification can take 2-4 times the amount of time a tattoo takes to do. Scarification isn’t as simple as cut one line running over the stencil like running a tattoo machine. We are required to start with light etching to open the skin, then work our way down in to the lower levels of skin, while working evenly around the design. It’s all about balance and control for best even results, and then strict after care will seal the deal on the end outcome.
The location of the design will determine the need for removal or single line work. Your chosen design and location will dictate how the procedure will be carried out. This will be confirmed at your consultation, or on the day, should you be given two quotes.

Is Your Design Right for You, and Things To Consider
When considering having a scarification procedure, a few things to think about when deciding if it is right for you and your results are:
Skin consistency, skin movement in area, previous scars, stretch marks, is the area flat or round, are you wanting a raised design or flat, are you wanting it bold or subtle, are you able to look after the wound while healing.

Ink Rubbing
Ink rubbing is not best for all designs, however it can allow the scarification piece to stay more vibrant and fresh looking should you like the look of fresh scar tissue. We have the ability to mix colour tones for the ideal shades or even go for fashion colours, not naturally accruing in wounds.
If the aim is to have heavy saturation of colour, re applying ink daily is needed for the first week should the wound require washing. If possible, dress with Opsite and leave on for 3 days. This is best for holding pigments.
Ink rubbing doesn’t work the same way as tattooing though, with a tattoo machine you are essentially injecting ink into the skin and the skin retracts holding the ink in. With scarification, we are saturating the wound with ink and trying to prevent the body pushing the ink out, making tattooing a better option for those after large solid colour work.