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Tattoo Pricing

Minimum Tattoo Rate: $90.00
Hourly Rate: $140.00 p/ hour
Daily Rate: $750.00

Some tattoo costs can be estimated based on the size and detail of the design, not necessarily to a set hourly rate.

Minimum Tattoo Rate
This is the minimum charge for a tattoo to cover the cost of the setup, and a small tattoo with minimal detail. An example of a minimum rate tattoo is:

Hourly Rate
A set rate per hour of tattooing is for tattoos that might take a few hours. This will cover most tattoos that contain detail and shading. This tattoo is an example of what might be charged at an hourly rate. A tattoo of this size and detail would take around 2 hours:

Daily Rate
This rate is to for a full day session of tattooing. This is usually 5-7 hours (including a short lunch break). This is for large scale work including sleeves, back pieces and solid blackout work. Here are some examples of full day rate tattoos: