Anodising is Awesome

Did you know that we can change the colour of any of our titanium and Niobium jewellery? Most pieces come in their standard "silver" metal colour, but thanks to these materials being reactive metals, we can change the surface colour of these pieces to bring out bright and gorgeous colours!

Plating jewellery is a process in which a top material is laid upon the surface of a base material. For this to work, the base material must have a porous surface in order for the top material to bond. Over time, plated jewellery will wear and chip away, which will expose the porous/rough base material and will make for unsafe, low quality jewellery. Because of this, we do not offer any plated jewellery at Cherrycore.

Anodising is a titanium oxide layer growth on the surface of the material that occurs when an electrical current is passed through the jewellery. Different voltage levels will achieve different thicknesses of this layer, and thus effect the colour reflected. This process gives us an amazing spectrum of colours as laid out in the chart here.

Anodising is not an exact science. There will be variations between different anodising solutions - so we cannot guarantee a matching colour if you have already anodised jewellery. The colour chart provided here is to be used as a guide only. This is not an exact representation of how your jewellery will look.
In addition to this; anodising is not necessarily a permanent process. As the colour is the result of an oxide layer growth on the surface of the material, this layer is subject to breaking down and oxidising. Titanium jewellery is more susceptible to oxidisation when worn in the mouth, genitals and nose; where body fluid secretion is more prominent. This can be due to the acidity and pH of your body.
Because of this, we cannot offer a guarantee as to the longevity of titanium anodisation.

We are set up to anodise our jewellery in house on request! When ordering online, simply select on the product drop down menu what colour you would like.

Check out this awesome example of anodising from Kayla (Jewelry Pix)