Jewellery Styling and Curation

What is Styling?

Our styling appointments are for curating a unique and personalised look for each individual.
By discussing your preferred colours, stones and textures, we are able to assist in showing you options that fit your look.
As piercing and styling specialists, we style all areas of body piercings; head to toe (figuratively speaking) making your overall look both stylish and cohesive.

Jewellery styling is just the same as clothing styling; in the sense that we are helping select items for special occasions, weekends or everyday wear.
We are assisting you in selecting pieces that fit your wardrobe, suit your personality and most importantly bring you joy.

Over the last few years, the term EAR CURATION has really taken off, however this isn’t a new service. It is what piercers have always done and offered. It is simply a newly popularised and trending terminology.
Career Piercers are creative types and are known to be artistic and rather eccentric people.
It is this different perspective on flow, colour and anatomy that allows a piercer to be truly helpful to you; the client.

With the growth of jewellery options and the ability to completely customise individual looks becoming more widely known and desired, studios like mine (Cherrycore) are now seen as they always have been and are identifiable as luxury piercing & styling studios; not simply a piercing shop.

‘Piercing shops’ are known to have very basic jewellery options in one display with an "in & out" attitude, when compared to what you see at Cherrycore; which is more like a boutique jeweller's, showcasing hand selected jewellery options and custom designs for our customers and our displays only. Along with longer appointment times to ensure safety and care is taken with each service.

While we do still house the traditional styled jewellery, we are known for our dedication to best practice aseptic techniques, combined with finest implant grade jewellery that our industry & the jewellery industry has to offer.

To get the most out of your styling appointment, we recommend bringing reference images of jewellery and/or piercing placements that you like, complete the pre-styling questionnaire, wear something that feels truly you, and think about or create a list of questions you may have to discuss.

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