Booking Online

Please read through the following Ts and Cs of online bookings before you proceed to the booking page.

Valid photo ID is required for all appointments. By Victorian law, we will not pierce clients under 16 years of age without parent or legal parental present at the time of the appointment. Guardians must provide photo ID for themselves, as well as a document that links them to the child (Medicare Card, Healthcare Card etc).

We do not pierce children under 5 years. See our Childrens' Ear Piercing Policy here.

Prices listed includes internally threaded, implant grade titanium jewellery in basic styles. Decorative options (gems, opals, gold, Diamonds etc) are an extra cost discussed during piercing service consultation.

Please cancel or reschedule your appointment if you are or have been sick within two weeks. Services will be refused to sick clients.

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