Meet Our Specialists


Introducing Cherry, the owner and founder of Cherrycore.
In 2011 Cherrycore was opened and within 3 short years, a new store location and a bigger dream was born!
This is the Cherrycore we love and share with you today.
With luxury service and quality in mind, Cherry dreamed of creating a space that allowed clients to experience body piercing and wearing body jewellery like never before. 
Personally, she felt that after starting her career in 2003, the days of body piercing being reserved for the alternative subcultures had passed and it was time for a new age of inclusivity.
Since starting her career in 2003, Cherry has worked hard to further her education, striving for perfection to deliver the most up to date techniques for flawless results in all her fields of expertise. Cherry not only still performs body piercings; she was once an educator, and now since starting her further education in more complex procedures back in 2010, she is more widely known for specialising in procedures such as earlobe reconstructions, scar revision and soft surgery skin treatments.
Cherry’s favourite procedure to perform is anything earlobes, for which she has become known for internationally, interstate and locally; giving her the comical nickname "The Earlobe Queen".
Cherry's favourite piercings to perform are conch piercings, nipple piercings and VCH piercings. She loves the timelessness of these piercings and the perfect amount of sass and confidence that they give her clients when they see their new adornments.
To see more of what Cherry gets up to, check out her personal Instagram, Earlobe Queen Instagram and the Studio Instagram.


Not only is Matthew one of our amazing Senior Body Piercers; he is our Practice Coordinator and very own resident Tattoo Artist.
Matthew started his career in body piercing at Cherrycore in 2012 studying under Cherry as an apprentice, and has since developed a wide skillset, along with a large clientele to follow!
Matthew has always had an eye for fashion and style, but now as a senior piercer and stylist, he has refined his taste in both designing custom pieces and styling sets.
It no secret Matthew especially loves using unique little pieces to accent a lavish show stopper in his styling projects. Creating balance and harmony that allows your eye to flow from one piece to the next with more space given to the highlight of the show.
While Matthew loves offering body piercing services, he is most renowned for his perfectly placed septum, daith piercings and stunning curations. His work has also been featured in septum piercing specialist classes at the 2019 APP Conference.
Matthew not only is an important team member due to his piercing skills, he also plays many highly important role behind the scenes that clients don’t know about.
He has personally designed our website, our paperless and contactless consent form systems, our new QR Codes and puts his love and care in to all of our online orders and in-store custom orders. He is always striving to provide the smoothest and most enjoyable shopping experience with Cherrycore. His passion and dedication to customer satisfaction is simply second nature to him, making it highly understandable why he is known for his friendly character and professionalism.
As a tattoo artist Matthew specialises in all things cute and colourful. He loves doing anything NeoTraditional, Nature or Nerdy! He began learning tattooing in 2014, and has since developed a unique style that incorporates clean lines and bright colours. Matthew studied a Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts major) during his training, and finds inspiration for his work from nature, animals, pop-culture and traditional tattooing styles of art.

To see more of what Matt gets up to, check out his personal Instagram and the Studio Instagram.


Aidan is one of our amazing Senior Piercers and Jewellery Experts at Cherrycore.
Dubbed "The Jewellery Guru", Aidan is formally educated in gemmology and jewellery crafting, making him a very valuable gem to our team.
With a passion for designer luxury jewellery and experience creating pieces of his own, Aidan is the ultimate person to guide you through your consultation and enrich your experience with jewellery knowledge for the future.
Aidan loves adorning ears and styling projects for a unique look that will have your friends asking; "who are you wearing?!” 
Essentially, on a scale of 1 - Fabulous, he will make you Fabulous!
Aidan's career started with us at Cherrycore in 2014, and since then he has become family. His dedication to our industry as a whole is something to be admired. He is, of course, an APP member and enjoys donating his spare time to help improve safe information to other piercers around the country via the AUPP, all the while furthering his education by studying nursing.
We all love the brightness he brings each day, and both his passion and dedication to his clients' happiness. We are blessed to have him on our team and know you will love your styling experience with him too.

To see more of what Aidan gets up to, check out his personal Instagram and the Studio Instagram.


Bianca; “our diamond in the rough”
We are delighted and excited to welcome Bianca, our newest team member & first piercing apprentice.
Starting with Cherrycore in April 2022 as a piercing stylist, Bianca is now growing in her role.
Bianca is both determined and dedicated to be the best she that can be, which means it comes as no surprise to us that she has already shown herself to be an asset by excelling in her training.

Bianca brings a range of impressive qualities to the Cherrycore team. Not only is she a ball of excitement and positivity, Bianca has also enjoyed her career path through various roles in; customer care, fashion, retail, tattoo and body jewellery, which of course makes her the perfect fit for Cherrycore.

While Bianca is our first piercing apprentice and is still learning, she will still be delivering the same exceptional standards that you know and love from our team.
She has already completed the theory elements in body piercing. The services Bianca will be offering will grow as she successfully completes each aspect of her training curriculum. She has already completed her training in Blood Borne Pathogens and Cross Contamination Prevention and is currently formally studying Jewellery and Gemstones.
This assures you when it comes to hygienic care and quality, Bianca shares our same passion for safety, best practice and quality.

If you asked Bianca to categorise her personal curating style, she simply couldn’t, as she loves every thing from edgy to elegant, making her a power-house at styling for each individuals' style rather than just her own.

Regardless of if you are thinking that you love the idea of smooth snug rings, a hint of sparkle or a piece that makes you the envy of the ball, you will definitely love your styling appointment with Bianca, just as we love having her on our team.


Stacey comes to us with 5 years of experience in both reception and assisting clients with cosmetic procedure appointments.
We are delighted to have Stacey assisting with the booking process for all of Cherry’s wonderful clients.
She is an excitable face (behind the scenes mostly) that loves to be of assistance to clients.
If you are having an upcoming procedure with Cherry you are sure to meet her either in store or online.