Our body jewellery is made from a range of high quality materials including;
- Titanium: 6Al-4V-Eli ASTM F-136 Implant Grade
- Titanium-Niobium Alloy: ASTM F-1295 Implant Grade
- Commercially Pure Niobium (Nb)
- 14k & 18k Gold
- PTFE: ASTM F754-00
- Organic plugs & tunnels (Wood, glass, stone, horn, bone, coral etc)

We source our jewellery from a range of the world's leading body jewellery manufacturers.


Wearing high quality, implant grade materials polished to a high, mirror finish is the best for your piercing's health and wellbeing. Materials with a high biocompatibility eliminate the risks of material sensitivity and allergies, ensuring that your piercing will heal well, and stay healthy. 

Being a high mirror polish ensures that the surface is smooth and non-porous; free from burrs and imperfections. Porous materials or with scratches and bumps will collect body fluid and bacteria and damage the piercing as the jewellery is moved in the skin.

In addition to high quality materials and polish, all of our jewellery will be either internally threaded or threadless. This means that there is no exposed "screws" on the barbells or rings, for an attachment to screw on to. Internal threading is where the threading is tapped into shaft of the barbell itself, and a thread on the attachment screws inside the piece. This ensures that only completely smooth surfaces pass through the piercing channel, and does not cause any additional trauma when transferring or inserting jewellery. It also provides us with a much wider and higher quality variety of attachment options, as full sized gems can be set into bezels, and completely flat attachments can be made - as no hole needs to be tapped into the attachment. Internally threaded and threadless jewellery also secures together much tighter than externally threaded jewellery, which means that the chance of jewellery loss is drastically minimised.

Thanks to Joeltron for the jewellery diagrams.

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