Kid's Ear Piercing

Kid’s Ear Piercing Policy

Yes, we do offer kids' ear piercings! We have a few Ts and Cs to ensure client and piercer safety, as well as the longevity of the piercings. Please have a read through these before making an appointment.

The most common question that we get is: do you use piercing guns?
Piercing guns and hand-held/spring loaded systems are incredibly unsafe for a variety of reasons. To list a few:

  • Guns are not sterilisable. This means that there is a huge risk of cross contamination of body fluid and potential of bloodborne pathogens such as HIV, Hepatitis B & C, and more.
  • Low quality jewellery. At best, the studs used in these machines may be 316L "surgical" stainless steel. This is the legal minimum quality material allowable for use in a fresh piercing. There are a number of potential issues with this material, as well as the poor manufacturing and polish on this type of jewellery. We only use implant grade titanium or 14k/18k solid gold.
  • The jewellery makes the hole. Using these systems, the jewellery itself is forced through the skin with a pointy (not sharp) end of the jewellery. This causes much more trauma to the skin, which can lead to slow healing and often increased scar tissue.
  • You can read more about piercing guns here.


We only single use, sterile needles for all piercings done at Cherrycore.

This is a much safer and less painful way to have piercings done, and it enables us to use the best quality materials and jewellery designs!

Children must be able to listen and understand what the piercer is saying, follow simple instructions, understand the fact that they are going to be pierced with needles, and be able to sit on the bed by themselves (without being held or on someone’s lap).
Because of these requirements,
we do not pierce children under 5 years of age.

Children under 10 years of age must be pierced with Threadless studs only. No rings, no threaded jewellery. This is to ensure the security of the attachments, as well as the “safety feature” of the attachment coming off, should the jewellery get pulled from the front, rather than having the stud pull through the ear.

We can have two piercers perform the piercings at the same time, so that there is only one instance of discomfort for the child. This service must be booked ahead of time, and at a time where two piercers are available. To avoid room and noise congestion, there will be a “lead piercer” to take the client(s) through the jewellery consultation process, and the pre-piercing process (marking, skin prep and aftercare consultation). The second piercer will come into the room to approve markings and perform the piercings once everything is open and ready to go.