Q: I can not see information related to the procedure I am after on your website. Do you do...?
A: We offer and regularly perform a large range of body modification procedures, and unfortunately for our of age viewers, we do not feel it's in the best interests for our younger views to be exposed and have easy access to our 18 years + areas of work on our site. We feel it is in the best interest of our studio to keep our online gallery and information as PG friendly as possible.
Should you have a question, please feel free to contact us no matter how simple or strange you may think it is. Chances are you're not the first to ask and you wont be the last.
If it is something we do not provide in our services, we will be able to help connect you to someone that can.

Q: Are piercing sprays safe to use?
A: We are not at all fans of most piercing sprays, and while there are some safe products out there, in a general sense most that we have seen contain harsh chemicals - even some that the Victorian Government says to avoid. We are proud stockists of NeilMed Piercing Aftercare which is the only saline wound wash that remains sterile after opening and is not an aerosol and does not contain any preservatives or chemicals. We encourage people to check the listed ingredients for safety. A basic rule that we stand by is; "If it's not safe to come in contact with the inside of the nose, inside the mouth or your eyes, there is a good chance that it's not safe for a perfectly healthy new piercing."

Q: I bulk buy balls (attachments) from the internet, but I always seem to loose them. Is there a way to keep them on?
A: Yes there is! It's called purchase good quality, internally threaded jewellery - like Anatometal!
Anatometal has a locking system to their jewellery. While some say it costs more, you are truly getting more than what you pay for when it comes to Anatometal, with their life time guarantee on gems to be free from defect, and precision in production. When you purchase a set, you are not only looking after your well being by having the best jewellery in the world implanted in your skin, you are wearing a product that has durability and crafted to perfection.

Q: Do you pierce kids' earlobes?
A: Yes we do, however we don’t use or approve the use of stud guns. If you would like, we can do both ear piercings at the same time with two of our body piercers, making it even quicker for your child to have both piercings done. While we do kids ear piercings, we strictly do not pierce babies.

Q: Do I need to make a booking, or can I just walk in?
A: While we encourage and prefer appointments to be made, we will always do our best to accommodate walk in appointments.

Q: Do I have to start with something basic for my fresh piercing?
A: Of course not! We use solid implant grade titanium for initial piercings, and can keep it simple with high polish silver tone, or change the colour to anything you would like with in the anodizing colour chart. We can also use fun attachments like balls, spikes, gems, opals, clusters etc.
The only limitation we apply is for suitability and safety. Some piercings need extra length to start for swelling, and some are not suitable for all jewellery shapes.

Q: How long before I can change my new piercing?
A:Some piercings need changing over earlier than others. This will be to aid in healing; for example, some piercings require extra length for swelling more than others, but the swelling may only come up for a short amount of time, leaving the bar uncomfortable and with too much movement while the piercing is still healing. If the piercing is desired to be changed for cosmetic value only, we recommend different time frames for different piercings and every person and their piercing should be assessed to their healing process. Attachments can be changed on most piercings very easily, though ideally not before 2 weeks, and only to sterile items - not just disinfected. 

Q: Will it hurt and can I use numbing prior?
A: We take all steps to make sure your new piercing is as pain free as possible. We even use sterile single use lubricate sachets when piercing and inserting jewellery. Unfortunately, people are often mislead with information regarding numbing and how it should be used. We will not perform any piercing on a person if topical over-the-counter numbing has been used prior. As an example; products like Emla swell the tissue and make the skin rubbery. It does not effectively numb the area and can result in more pain as the skin is no longer soft and the increased swelling in the skin makes it impossible to guarantee accurate placement of dots, meaning you may end up with a crooked piercing. The swelling also effects jewellery size and suitability, prolongs healing and over all, it's a chemical product you just don't need to use. Piercings take a split second and once done, the pain is over. All that remains might feel like a little warmth of the skin.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.