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Welcome to Cherrycore

We are a boutique business that is not only dedicated to, but specialises in the safe practice of body art.
Our aim in decor was to bring a sense of relaxation into a modern, clinical setting. By mixing a warmer colour palette enriched with golden tones and a clean, streamline flow, we hope our guests feel both safe and indulged by their surroundings, whether they are having a procedure or shopping for something as unique as they are.
One thing you’ll notice in our reception area is our use of technology to simplify record keeping. Our in-Studio developed consent form system allows us to store each clients procedure information in the most reliable way and allows each client to have access to their records with ease on request.

Sterilisation Room

Our Set up is like no other and we are very proud to be one of Victoria's only best practice studios, offering the safest environment with the safest practice.
You may ask, "what makes our sterilisation room so different?"
Well, we don’t have just a sink in a shared tiny back lunch room where contaminants are processed. Yep, thats right, most shops that offer piercing just have a basic open sink, or they scrub contaminants in their ‘clean’ hand sink! Gross, huh?
Ours, on the other hand, has a few key features that ensure both client and staff safety.

Key Features:


Piercing Rooms

You will not only find that all our procedure rooms are private, ensuring thorough disinfection and treatment time between services, but also that our rooms are set up for optimal cross contamination prevention, ensuring that your safety comes first.
We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the highest level of aseptic practice for our industry, and to be able to assist in the freedom of biological artistic expression, while providing the safest environment possible.
There are many features that separate our practice standards at Cherrycore from other studios. Below is a basic list of some of these extras that we have implemented in the interests of client wellbeing, compared to most other studios.


Most Other Studios

Single use surgical markers Re-used single markers or Sharpies
Sterile, single use skin preparation Non sterile skin prep out of an open bottle
Nitrile examination gloves (for marking) Latex or powdered vinyl gloves (both are dangerous)
Sterile nitrile gloves for procedures Non sterile latex or vinyl for procedures
Exclusive/designer jewellery with lifetime warranties for initial piercing jewellery Cheap knock-offs; no warranty on any jewellery used
Sterile saline wound wash aftercare Non sterile harsh chemical sprays
APP Members Non APP Members
Wall mounted locked sharps containers Contaminated sharps bins on trolley or bench
Sealed contaminated tool disposal Plastic tub on trolley or bench
No-touch hand washing sink in every room Central staff hand sink
Medical grade antimicrobial hand wash Supermarket anti bacterial hand soap
Intermediate hand sanitiser No hand sanitiser
Hands free waste disposal Lift lid bin or no lid bin at all
Wall mounted True HEPA Filter air purifier No air purifier
First aid accessibility in every piercing room No first aid in room
Optim Blue clinical/hospital grade disinfectant - 3 min kill time Supermarket disinfectant or extended exposure disinfectants - 20 min + kill time
Climate control throughout studio Single fan


Jewellery Range

At Cherrycore, we are proud to offer some of the finest body jewellery that the world has to offer. Our exclusive designers specialise in biocompatible materials, especially crafted for initial implanting and the long term wear of the jewellery.
For a sparkle that will suit everyone, we have a wide range of gemstones to pick from in our collection. Featuring Swarovski Cubic Zirconias and crystals, through to genuine gemstones in a variety colours and grades, including but not limited to Topaz, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamonds, Ruby, Garnet, Quartz and Amethyst.
While we have a large and unique collection in store, we can always customise pieces and even custom design the jewellery of your dreams. And as a bonus, all of our high end jewellery comes with a life time manufacturing warranty to be free from defects. So you can be assured that perfection is in every piece.