Coin Slot Piercing & Large Gauge Removal

Are you interested in stacking your jewellery?
Having something a little different with your piercing curation?

Then maybe a large gauge or coin slot piercings are for you!

Easier to heal than traditional cartilage piercings, Coin Slots and large gauge piercings offer both "wow" factor and a surprisingly easy care process.

So what is a Coin Slot, and what is a Large Gauge Piercing?

A coin slot is a thin piercing track that allows stacking of multiple rings and allows you to get highly creative with your styling.
Where as a large gauge piercing punch is round and is best kept to wearing round jewellery only.

Both can be placed in near all areas of the ear, which makes them a super fun addition.

Coin Slots can be customised and made wider, however when we widen them, we move away from a true Coin Slot and into cartilage removal / shaping.

It’s very important to know the difference between the two as they are not the same procedure, even though they are very similar but they will give very different physical appearance outcomes.

Large Gauge Removal and shaping are larger wounds and require more care than a Coin Slot.
During your consultation, we will discuss your options and what is most suitable for your best outcome.

Aftercare Pack Included with Procedure

  • Neilmed Sterile Saline Wound Wash
  • Sea Salt 500g
  • Sterile gauze swabs
  • Jojoba Oil 25mL (optional)

General Aftercare

Aftercare is just the same as a traditional helix piercing but nowhere near as much effort.
Cleaning is twice a day with your aftercare package for 4 weeks rather than 12 weeks. By 4-6 weeks, you're simply hydrating the skin with Jojoba Oil once a day to help the scar settle in.
By 4 weeks, the ear feels comfortable, no issue sleeping on it or anything.

It’s still important not to be rough and for Coin Slots; no jewellery just yet.

This is because we want the scar to go through a few more stages of healing, and at 4 weeks, the scar is still active. The incision is completely healed and swelling is pretty much completely gone.
The only slight swelling that remains is due to the scar formation and maturing stages of healing.
This stage, while not so noticeable, is the same with all wounds. So while you may feel like it’s perfect, you need to keep in mind that nobody is an exception from the golden rules of healing and time is needed.
This inflammation standardly will be gone between 12 weeks and 6 months for full results.

At 12 weeks, it’s jewellery time for Coin Slots and for large gauge; changing jewellery to organics and alike is now generally safe to play around with. There is no reason to wait longer. In some cases, earlier is possible and recommended to assist the healing, but standardly best avoided until later.
At 12 weeks, the scar is going to start maturing and what this means is your Coin Slot or large gauge piecing is going to get bigger.
While the scar is active and you have any inflammation, the piercing will look smaller, but once settled you will see the full results. Once jewellery is fitted into a Coin Slot, the relaxing of the scar starts to happen and your jewellery will sit a little more relaxed; which depending on your goals, may not be ideal, or you may love it!
For this reason we do a complementary fitting, including 2-3 titanium hinge clicker rings. This allows us to size your ear and ensure jewellery comfort before you style with more impact.
Normally we recommend wearing your placeholders for 2-8 weeks before determining the best fit for you.
Your place holders are implant grade titanium and safe to wear for as long as you wish and can be added to should you wish to keep them, and fill the space up.
For large gauge removals, we will install sterile clear single flare glass eyelets and after healing has taken place, you can play with other jewellery options as you wish.

Aftercare Steps:

  • Always wash hands with antimicrobial hand soap (or antibacterial at minimum) and water before touching ear.
  • After your procedure, your wounds will be covered with a surgical dressing. This must remain in place for the night. (Your aftercare pack may include a head dressing to assist with comfort and stabilising the piercing.)
  • After your procedure, make sure to rest and eat well for the remainder of the day.
  • Any bleeding that shows through your dressing is not a worry and the extra dressings provided should be padded for extra absorption. When sleeping you must not sleep on your ear/s. Sleeping on your ear/s can lead to infection and suture rupture. (A travel pillow can be used if need be)
  • In the morning, apply Jojoba oil over the paper adhesive dressing tape and leave for 10 minutes. We recommend having breakfast in this time while you wait.
  • Once your dressing is removed, have a shower for at least 2-5 minutes, getting the ear wet to help remove any build up and help stimulate blood circulation via warmth. Your first clean is the only time a shower is a must.
  • After showering, thoroughly flush ear with NeilMed wound wash by placing a towel over your shoulder and spraying both front and back of the ear.
  • Mix up 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt into 1 cup of warm water and soak your ear for 1 minute minimum and up to 5 minutes max. (This is stronger than our standard recommendations for traditional piercing mixing)
  • After soaking spray once more and pat dry with sterile gauze.

Cleaning after this is simply 2x a day morning and night for 1 week. If you need to clean any extra, only use the Neilmed spray to flush. Over cleaning can be problematic to normal would healing; do not go over board.
After the first week, you will drop your salt mix to a 1/4 teaspoon to 1 cup and continue for 1 more week. (This is now at a traditional piercing strength)
After 2 weeks of soaking has been completed, continue to use the spray for more weeks and here and there if need be after that. The wound will be healed over by this stage, and does not require any active ingredients but does require basic personal hygiene which will be ensured by intentionally focusing in flushing the area.

Your active ingredients cleaning time frame is 2 weeks and is 3 easy steps 2 x a day; soak, spray, dry.
At your suture removal appointment, we will assess if any personal based changes are needed and provide customised care.


In order to ensure you are piercing ready, we offer a complementary consultation.
This is a quick 15 minute phone call to allow you to ask any extra questions you may have and for us to ensure we have made clear of all instructions.

You will be required to fill in a form and attach a clear photo with a marking of location desired and will be asked standard piercing related questions.
It is your responsibility to answer truthfully and be forthcoming with any extra information you feel needed to assist with achieving your best results.
We will discuss suitability of your preferences and further detail this in-store.
On your piercing day, we will carry out a second consultation. At this point we will mark out your placement and show you what we feel is ideal based off our understanding of what you would like, then we will work with you until a placement is perfect and agreed to.
We want you to be in love with your new piercing, but we want it to be safe; first and foremost.
If you feel like you want more time to think on it; no worries! We will not move forward with the piercing and we can rebook for another time or simply cancel. It’s okay if it’s not for you, but please be mindful that you should only be booking your procedure if your are committed.


Results cannot be guaranteed. It is the care and nature of each individual that will dictate the outcome.
Should your body produce more scar tissue, your Coin Slot will be narrowed further. This may widen in time on its own, or it may require a second procedure to make adjustments; this will be charged based on the requirements to adjust.
Large gauge punches are prone to sizing up on their own after the scar has settled, for this reason; if you are set on a size we recommend going slightly smaller. For example: If you would like to wear a 6mm diameter eyelet & not bigger, starting at 4mm or 5mm will be best.

If you are prone to healing complications or keloid scar formation, this piercing is not suitable for you. You should not have it done and we will not be able to offer the service.


While we can place Coin Slots in multiple locations, there are limitations to location and size for the safety of your ear structure. Common best suited placements for Coin Slots are:

  • Forward helix
  • Mid ear
  • Traditional helix
  • Cartilage flat
  • Conch

Less suitable places:
Lobes - may self stretch depending on jewellery installed.
Rook - anatomy must be suitable and is less commonly suited for most people. Large rim removal - this will result in clear disfigurement and should never be carried out.

As large gauge punches start at 18g (1mm) and go up to 10mm, it will depend on your size preference as to the suitability of the location.
Your size will also dictate the requirement of wound closure vs free healing.
4mm and up should be suture closed for best results, and below 4mm standardly is best to free heal.

Free healing large gauge piercings above 4mm increases risks associated with prolonged healing; which include but are not limited to the following and is why we do not offer this healing & procedure method for all locations and sizes above 4mm.
- Infection
- Prolonged pain or permanent discomfort and or pain
- Hypertrophic scar tissue
- Keloid scar tissue
- Cartilage distortion
- Tissue death
- Cyst formation

On the Day of Your Procedure

You must attend with numbing pre applied and bring your numbing with you for re-application after assessment.
It is your responsibility to ensure the numbing is safe for you to use prior to applying.
"Emla" can be purchased at all pharmacies and will be supplied with a cover patch. Ensure you purchase the cream and cover with a patch as instructions state or cling wrap in the event the patch is not provided.
In order to work effectively, the area being pierced both front and back must be visibly moist on arrival and present on the skin for 1.5hrs.
This will ensure & achieve maximum comfort during the piercing process.
You may feel there is no need to numb as the process is very much the same as most dermal piercings, but as we are doing more than one piercing in the one location; it is a must.
Some say they have no feeling at all from this while others find there is minimal discomfort. We will do our best to ensure that you are comfortable.

Please arrive early to ensure that you are not late.
Your procedure will take between 1 - 2 hours. To keep you comfortable and entertained during this time, our procedure room is fitted with Netflix, allowing you to sit back and relax.

If you are sick or have been unwell with in 2 weeks prior to your procedure; we must rebook. Sickness can lead to healing complications including but not limited to infection of the cartilage & abnormal scar development.

All items used in your procedure are single use and sterile.
If you are concerned during healing, get in contact instantly and seek medical attention should you feel the need to. You are responsible for your well-being, but we are, of course, here to help.

Prior to Your Procedure:

      • Ensure that you are well rested, fed and hydrated.
      • Bring reference images, printed preferred if possible
      • Sleep well
      • Make sure you have all the information that you need
      • Do not drink caffeinated beverages, alcohol, smoke or use drugs within 2 weeks prior and after. This is for your safety and well-being. Both will result in pain, and possibly prevent the procedure from being carried out or create complications and failure in results.
      • Do not smoke or take drugs with in 3 days prior and 2 weeks after.
      • Do take the procedure seriously and be as healthy as you can be.

Full payment is due on the day of procedure at total of quote given after your consultation.
Bank transfer and Eftpos is not available on these services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When can I stack my jewellery?
A: Ideally after 12 weeks is advised for best results and safety of the scar tissue.

Q: Will I be in pain?
A: It is common to experience some discomfort for the first few days of healing, just like a single ear piercing. The first day is the most uncomfortable, and after that it's just like a bruised feeling.

Q: Can I take pain killers?
A: If you feel that you need to, then yes; but all anti-inflammatories must be avoided. Most clients do not need pain relief, however the most suitable options are Panadol and Panadeine if it is safe for you to take and only if necessary. If you have allergies, or have never used paracetamol before, please consult with the pharmacist.

Q: Can I bring a child / guest?
A: Unfortunately, all 3 required appointments are not suitable for children or guests. Bringing a child that requires supervision in our waiting area will result in a cancelled appointment.

Q: Can I choose how I want the shape to look?
A: Absolutely, we work with you to determine your best options.

Q: How long does the procedure take?
A: Depending on the size and location, 1 to 2 hours.

Q: How long are the sutures in for?
A: Sutures remain in place for 7-14 days. They are then removed in the Studio. Unfortunately we do not offer the procedure with dissolvable sutures as these are more susceptible to infection and scar tissue complications, effecting the final results.

Q: Can I wash my hair?
A: Yes, wait a minimum period of 12 hours after the procedure before doing so.

Q: Can I colour my hair?
A: Ideally not for at least 4 weeks after the procedure to prevent any chemical sensitivity to the newly healed wound.

Q: Can I drive after the procedure?
A: Yes, you will be fine to drive.

Q: What do I do if I’m unsure if something is normal after my procedure?
A: Simply contact the Studio via phone if during studio hours, or email us if outside of hours. If you are concerned regarding infection or a situation that is harmful to your health, you must seek medical assistance without delay.

Q: How long will the swelling last?
A: There are 2 stages to swelling, 1 being the initial swelling that will start to appear with in 3 hours of the procedure and reduce drastically with in 14 days after the procedure, and stage 2 being the lingering inflammation that will last for up to 12 weeks. Some hardness to the scar connection may be felt for 6 – 12 months; generally no longer.

Q: Can I travel via plane with sutures in?
A: Unfortunately not. No air travel is advised for 2 weeks after the procedure.

Q: Can my GP remove my sutures?
A: As part of our work guarantee, you are required to have your sutures removed in-store.

Q: I’m from interstate / international. How long do I need to stay local for?
A: We recommend staying near by for 2 weeks to ensure you have easy access for suture removal and any required check ups.

Q: Do I have to have a check up at 2 weeks in store?
A: Sometimes we can do the 2 week check up via email, this will depend on your suture removal appointment and your individual healing speed.

Total Costs & Payment Information

  • Phone consultations are currently complimentary. Last minute cancellations or last minute re-bookings will require a $50 payment in order to re-book.
  • A $150 booking fee is due at the time of securing the appointment.
  • Remaining procedure total is due in store on the day of the procedure.
  • Aftercare is included in the procedure total.

Procedure Costs

Coin Slots
- $850 - $1,200 depending on size, location and individual needs
Cartilage Shaping
- $850 - $1,200 depending on size, location and individual needs
Large Gauge Punch with Closure incl. Glass jewellery
- $600 - $900 depending on size, location and individual needs
- Starting size 4mm - 12mm max.

Large Gauge Punch without Closure excl. jewellery
- $120 - $220 depending on size, location and individual needs
- Sizes; 1mm - 6mm without closure for earlobes
- Sizes; 1mm - 4mm without closure for cartilage

Please note that our procedure cancelation policy is different to our piercing service cancelation policy. And as such, the booking confirmation email and/or text you will receive regarding your procedure will not have the relevant information and the terms listed will not apply to your booking.
The terms listed here are the terms of cancellation. When booking, you are agreeing to these terms and only these terms unless communicated via email by a staff member and not an automated system.
We appreciate this may be confusing for some, however our booking system does not allow multiple policies in the reminders. We feel it is best you receive the reminders knowing the policy does not apply then not receive any reminders at all. If you would like to not receive reminders or would like to discuss our policy further please email

Cancelation Policy:
- Last minute cancelations are cancelations with less than 3 days notice prior to the confirmed booking time.
- All cancelations must be made via email or phone call. Self cancelation is not an option as there will be multiple appointments requiring removal.
- There is no rebooking option for those that fail to notify the Studio of a their cancelation.
- Due to the timely nature of booking and scheduling multiple appointments at once, should re booking be desired, a rebooking fee of $50.00 will apply and will be required in full prior to discussing date options.
- Last minute cancelations are not guaranteed a re-booking option.
Multiple cancelations are not guaranteed a re-booking option.