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NeilMed Sterile Saline Spray - Fine Mist

NeilMed Sterile Saline Spray - Fine Mist

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NeilMed Piercing Aftercare is a sterile saline spray with a special mist tip.
It is isotonic, drug free, preservative free and perfect for fresh piercings.

Sprays in any position, including when inverted.
Portable and convenient for travel or on-the-go.

Our favourite product to recommend as aftercare for body piercings would definitely be the NeilMed Sterile Saline Solution sprays. This is a completely drug and preservative free, isotonic wound wash solution that is perfect for the cleaning of fresh piercings. Many wound care saline products that you might find at a pharmacy or other piercing studios will only have a very short shelf life (about 30 days after opening), where as the NeilMed spray will stay sterile for years to come thanks to their pressurised cannisters. You can use NeilMed as many times throughout the day as you like to keep the piercing site clean.

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