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Single Flare Glass Labret Retainer

Single Flare Glass Labret Retainer

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Glass Labret Retainer Jewelry — 

Invisibly maintain a variety of piercings with this Clear Glass Labret Retainer, available in a variety of sizes. This clear retainer, handmade from borosilicate glass for a smooth, comfortable fit, comes in 20g up to 8g; length varies between 11 and 13mm depending on your selected gauge. The Handmade Clear Glass Labret Retainer is priced per one. An O-ring is included with your purchase.

Please Note: Because this labret retainer is handmade, sizes are slightly variable. No matter which gauge you select, the length of your labret retainer will vary between 11mm and 13mm.


  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Gauge Options: 20g–8g
  • Length: Ranges between 11mm and 13mm
  • Comes with O-ring
  • Price per one labret retainer
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